Answer These Random Questions And We'll Guess What Prom Dress Is Right For You!

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To some young ladies, getting ready for prom is as important as their wedding day. In fact, some would say that it's training for the actual thing. We need to make sure that our hair and nails are done, that our teeth are sparkling white, that the shoes are comfy enough to dance in for the entire night and of course, that the dress fits perfectly. But what kind of dress are you going with?

We know that it can be very difficult to choose just one prom dress - and one that fits well, so we're here to be your fairy godmother today. While we won't be turning any pumpkins into limousines, we will point you in the direction of the kind of dress you should be wearing to one of the most wonderful nights of your young life. All you need to do for us to answer some seemingly random questions, so we know you a little better.

When we're done with our questions, we'll not only know who you are as a person, but we'll also know what kind of dress you should go to your prom in. Are you ready to find out what that is?

What's the best thing about your face?

How many times a day do you eat?

Which European city do you want to visit the most?

What would you do for a living, if you could earn money from it?

When you crack a joke, what percentage of the room laughs?

Which of these drinks do you start your day with?

What's the best thing to do on a rainy day?

Which of these names would you give to your son?

What's the best way to relax at home?

How long are you willing to wait for someone you're supposed to have lunch with?

What are you most likely to get arrested for?

What's your favorite holiday?

Which fast food chain would you never allow to close, if you had the power?

Which of these vegetables looks downright sexy?

Are you confrontational?

Which of the following things would you want to take credit for inventing?

Which celebrity do you wish would disappear?

What's the most you'd spend on a great pair of jeans?

If you could learn a language in a day, which would you choose?

Which of these words do you always spell incorrectly?

Which of these shows are you into?

Can you dance?

How many times a day do you lie?

Which pet did you really want growing up?

Would you prefer to look like a pumpkin or feel like one?

Who, in your life, gives the best advice?

Which of these people is your favorite redhead?

What are you really bad at?

Which fictional place would you love to visit?

What kind of vehicle best suits your style?

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