Answer These Random Questions and We'll Reveal What Kind of Procrastinator You Are

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While a lot of us don't like to admit it, just about everyone procrastinates from time to time; the question is, just how much do you put things off?  

There are all sorts of levels of procrastination, so where are you on the scale? You know when you have to take a shower to get to school on time, but you decide to look at Facebook for a few more minutes? That is procrastinating. Or when your girlfriend wants to take things to another level and get engaged but you just don't feel like dealing with all the drama that goes with it? That's procrastinating. 

Some people take it so far that they are totally broke and need a job, but they decide they are going to start looking tomorrow, just because they want to level up their latest World of Warcraft toon.

Are you a procrastinator? And if so, how much of one are you? We've put together a bunch of random questions for you to answer that will allow us to tell you just how much of a procrastinator you are. We know it seems like a lot of work, but hey, maybe if you take this quiz, you can put off going to work for another couple minutes. How cool would that be?

Do you follow your own advice?

Do you want to have more self-discipline?

Do you spend a lot of time gaming?

How often do you hit snooze on the alarm?

Do you put off telling people things that would hurt their feelings?

Are you late for work a lot?

Do you often have to do things last minute, late at night or on the weekends?

Do you spend a lot of time snacking?

How often do you work out?

Can you accomplish anything you put your mind to?

Do you spend a lot of time on social media?

You have a 20-page paper due in a month, when do you start it?

Do you daydream a lot?

At a meeting your boss is looking for volunteers to lead a project, what do you do?

When do you usually get up on the weekend?

Do you party a lot?

Do you ever put off cleaning so your significant other or roomie will do it?

If things are hard, what do you do?

Do you sometimes think that you get more things done when you are high?

What were you into in high school?

If you know someone you want to date, what do you do?

Are you underemployed?

Do you often break promises?

Your mom is bugging you to do homework, how do you handle it?

What kind of movies do you watch?

How many people have you told that you love?

Do you have a dog?

When was the last time you got a haircut?

How messy is your bedroom?

Do you like anime?

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