Answer These Yes or No Questions and We'll Guess Your Favorite NFL Team!

Teresa McGlothlin

Image: NFL Films

About This Quiz

Week in and week out during the season and all throughout the year, you have one NFL team that you cannot stop thinking about. Once you answer our yes or no questions, we think we'll be able to guess the NFL team that you call your favorite. Tell us all about your favorite team, and we'll let you know what we've come up with. 

While you can have a lot of respect for an opposing team, there's a team that never lets you down even when they lose. For a team to be your absolute favorite, you must believe on them even when the scoreboard is against them. When you have a favorite NFL team, you are not a fair-weather fan. 

As we attempt to score a touchdown of our own, we want you to answer our questions in the simplest way possible. With just a yes or a no, we will know whether you prefer the Cowboys or the Patriots or another team entirely. Once you finish, we will tally up the whole of your responses to find out how many points we've earned. 

Try to catch our Hail Mary, and we'll score on the football field of your dreams. Will we get your favorite team right, or will you send us back to training camp?

Did you play football in high school?

Have you ever attended the Super Bowl?

Do you think Peyton Manning is the best in the business?

Do you yell at the television when you watch games?

Do you attend local sporting events?

Would you be a good wide receiver?

Do you bet on football games?

Do you have a lucky jersey?

Do you have a fantasy football team?

Are you a season ticket holder?

Do you like the Cleveland Browns?

Do your friends like the same team?

Has your team recently played in a championship game?

Do you also enjoy watching basketball?

Have you met your favorite player?

Would you like to visit the Football Hall of Fame?

Do you watch every Monday night game?

Do you record your team's games?

Do you do a victory dance when your team scores?

Do you have any team memorabilia on your walls?

Do you get angry when your team loses?

Could you pass a physical to play on your favorite team?

Would you make a great sports announcer?

Does your team play in the snow a lot?

Can you recite stats about your favorite players?

Does your team have an indoor stadium?

Do you enjoy watching soccer?

Are you proud of your team's performance last year?

Do you see your team winning the Super Bowl next year?

Did you like a different team when you were younger?

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