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Antarctica Quiz
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It is the coldest and most inhospitable place on Earth. How much do you know about Antarctica?

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What was the coldest temperature ever recorded in Antarctica?
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Which country operates Vostok station in Antarctica?
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What is the highest temperature ever recorded at Vostok Station?
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True or False: Antarctica is the second-largest desert on Earth.
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What is the average thickness of Antarctic ice?
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How much of Earth's fresh water is frozen in Antarctica's ice sheet?
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How much would sea levels rise if Antarctica's ice sheets were to melt?
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Compared to the six other continents on Earth, how large is Antarctica?
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In 2011 and 2012, how long did it take one British explorer to cross the continent on skis?
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What percentage of Antarctica is NOT covered by ice?
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When was the first child born in Antarctica?
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To date, what's the maximum depth recorded at Lake Whillans, which lies beneath about 2,600 feet of ice?
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True or False: Antarctica doesn't have a time zone.
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In some spots, the depth of the ice covering the Gamburtsev Mountains reaches what depth?
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How many permanent residents are there in Antarctica?
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Beneath its ice sheets, there are about how many lakes in Antarctica?
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When was the last time it rained in Antarctica's Dry Valleys?
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When was Antarctica discovered?
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The Ross Ice Shelf is about as big as which country?
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In what year did humans finally reach the South Pole?
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In 2000, a huge iceberg broke away from an Antarctic ice shelf. The iceberg was about as big as which U.S. state?
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How much of the continent's coastal areas are exposed rock?
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How long is the Transantarctic mountain range?
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How many species of penguins are found in Antarctica?
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During winter, how much ice does Antarctica add to its mass every single day?
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Why is Eastern Antarctica colder than Western Antarctica?
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As of 2016, how many countries have signed the Antarctic Treaty System?
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What's the height of the tallest mountain peak in Antarctica?
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True or False: Of the seven continents on Earth, Antarctica has the third-highest average elevation.
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During peak research season, how many people might you find in Antarctica?
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