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Anthony Bourdain may have started off as a chef, but his quirky style and way with words have helped him transcend the kitchen and branch into books and television. Take our quiz to see how much you know about Bourdain's life and works.

An article in this magazine helped make Anthony Bourdain a household name.

Bourdain published an expose of the restaurant industry in The New Yorker in 1997 titled "Don't Eat Before Reading This."


What was the name of Bourdain's first food-related book?

Bourdain expanded his famous New Yorker article into a best-seller called "Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly" in 2000.


True or false: Bourdain kicked off his writing career penning cookbooks.

Bourdain actually started off writing crime novels, publishing "Bone in the Throat" in 1995 followed by "Gone Bamboo" in 1997.


What was the name of Bourdain's follow-up to "Kitchen Confidential"?

Published in 2001, "A Cook's Tour" offered a glimpse at the extreme global cuisines that Bourdain would later catalog on his TV shows.


What year did Bourdain's first TV show premiere?

Bourdain's "A Cook's Tour" was developed into a Food Network series, which premiered in 2002 and ran for two seasons.


What city did Bourdain explore on the very first episode of "A Cook's Tour"?

Bourdain has always had a soft spot for Asian cuisine, and he kicked off the first episode of "A Cook's Tour" in Tokyo.


Bourdain penned a history of this notorious figure in 2001.

Before he was a celebrity chef, Bourdain wrote "Typhoid Mary: An Urban Historical" about an early 20th century woman who spread deadly typhoid.


What restaurant did Bourdain work at when his writing career took off in the late '90s?

Bourdain became executive chef at New York's Brasserie Les Halles in 1998 and also worked in other Manhattan hot spots, including The Supper Club and Sullivan's.


What food was the focus of Bourdain's 2004 cookbook?

"Anthony Bourdain's Les Halles Cookbook" features many meat-based recipes, similar to the menu at Les Halles in New York City.


What year did "No Reservations" premiere?

The Travel Channel series, which made Bourdain a household name, hit the airwaves in 2005.


What year did Bourdain stop making new episodes of "No Reservations"?

"No Reservations" ran for 142 episodes from 2005 to 2012 and won two prime-time Emmys in the process.


What country did Bourdain visit in the first episode of "No Reservations"?

Bourdain took a hard look at French stereotypes in the opening episode of "No Reservations," which was titled "Why the French Don't Suck."


What country did Bourdain choose for the second episode of "No Reservations"?

Bourdain headed to Iceland in the second episode of the series, then followed up with a trip to New Jersey.


What city did Bourdain choose for the last episode of "No Reservations"?

Bourdain headed to Brooklyn, New York, for the final episode of season 12 of his long-running show.


How did Bourdain organize his 2006 book "The Nasty Bits"?

Bourdain organized the 2006 collection of essays around the five traditional flavors: sweet, salty, bitter, sour and umami.


What did Bourdain name his 2010 release?

Bourdain picked "Medium Raw" as the title for his 2010 book, which covered everything from McDonald's to drug addiction.


True or false: Bourdain inspired a 2005 sitcom.

The 2005 Fox sitcom "Kitchen Confidential" was inspired by the life and works of Anthony Bourdain.


Who played Bourdain's character on the TV version of "Kitchen Confidential"?

An up-and-coming Bradley Cooper played "Jack Bourdain" in the series, which lasted only a single season.


What literary genre did Bourdain attempt in 2013?

Bourdain published a comic book called "Get Jiro!" in 2013.


What is "Get Jiro!" about?

"Get Jiro!" and its 2013 sequel "Get Jiro: Blood and Sushi" tell the story of a young sushi chef.


True or false: Bourdain appeared on "Miami Ink."

Bourdain not only made an appearance, but he also actually got inked with a tattoo of a skull.


What is the best advice Bourdain ever got?

A former employer, whom Bourdain names Bigfoot in "Kitchen Confidential," taught Bourdain to always be early, a habit he sticks to today.


What title did Bourdain give his 2016 cookbook?

Bourdain announced in April 2016 that his cookbook would be called "Appetites."


What type of food is the focus of "Appetites"?

The 2016 cookbook, his first in 10 years, features Bourdain's take on classic recipes that everyone should know.


What channel is host to Bourdain's series "Parts Unknown"?

Bourdain combined food, travel and politics in the CNN series "Parts Unknown."


What location did Bourdain choose to open "Parts Unknown"?

The first episode of "Parts Unknown" took place in Myanmar, a politically complex nation in Southeast Asia.


What year did "The Layover" premiere?

In the 2011 series "The Layover," Bourdain toured areas over a day or two, like one might on an extended layover.


Where did Bourdain kick off season one of "The Layover"?

The first episode of "The Layover" was set in Singapore, while the last episode of season one took place in Los Angeles.


True or false: Bourdain largely stayed in the U.S. during season two of "The Layover."

While Bourdain is known for his foreign travels, season two of "The Layover" started in Chicago and ended in Seattle.


How many days did Bourdain travel each year while filming "The Layover"?

Bourdain spent 200 days a year on the road for the show. He quit in 2013 to spend more time with his young daughter.


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