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The Aptera Hybrid prototype looks a little strange, but this three-wheeled vehicle promises astounding fuel efficiency. Do you know how it works? Take the Aptera Hybrid Quiz and find out.

Ready for a road trip? The Aptera hybrid is a concept car that gets an impressive ___ miles per gallon.

While 230 mpg sounds like a lot, the <a href='' style="font-weight: bold;">Aptera's</a> developers, Steve Fambro and Chris Anthony, aim to achieve 300 mpg with the model that becomes available for Californians in late 2008.


The Aptera Hybrid can best be described as:

Perhaps your last three-wheeled mode of transportation was a tricycle; if so, the Aptera Hybrid will be a real step up. This three-wheel, two-passenger prototype is actually classified as a <a href='' style="font-weight: bold;">motorcycle</a>.


Aptera Motors, Inc., is a private company based in:

The Aptera Hybrid hails from company headquarters in San Diego, Calif. But San Carlos and Geneva aren't without innovative automakers: The <a href='' style="font-weight: bold;">Tesla Roadster</a> was created in San Carlos and the amphibious sQuba is manufactured in Geneva.


A process patented as "Panelized Automated Composite Construction (PAC2)" informs the Aptera Hybrid's:

The composites that are used for the Aptera Hybrid's body design give the vehicle a unique, aerodynamic shape. Similar lightweight composites are used for the body designs of sports cars like the <a href='' style="font-weight: bold;">Aston Martin Rapide</a> and the <a href='' style="font-weight: bold;">Lamborghini Reventon</a>.


Originally, the Aptera's developers intended for the car to run on a diesel engine. They scrapped that plan, and turned to a(n) _____ hybrid model, instead.

The Aptera Hybrid is available as both an all-electric and a plug-in hybrid. Developers abandoned the <a href='' style="font-weight: bold;">diesel engine</a> when it became impossible to build one small enough that conformed to California's emissions standards.


Drivers will be able to reach top speeds of __ in their Aptera Hybrids.

Top speed for the Aptera will be around 85 mph and developers will likely electronically limit speeds at 95 mph for safety purposes.


In the past, automakers who attempted to design three-wheel vehicles put one wheel on the front of the car and two wheel on the rear. What's this design called?

A three-wheel design in which one wheel is in the front of the car and two wheels are in the rear is called a delta formation. Aptera is designed with two wheels in the front and one wheel in the back.


With what precautions have Aptera's developers equipped the car?

Aptera's safety cage, low center of gravity and traction control all work to keep the driver safe when rounding sharp corners and in frontal impact collisions. In fact, the safety cage was inspired by the ones in <a href='' style="font-weight: bold;">Formula One</a> racecars.


What is the name of Aptera's system that gives the driver a 180-degree video display of the view behind the vehicle?

"Eyes Forward" is a system designed to give the driver a 180-degree video display of the view behind the vehicle. Because the Aptera's body design limits the driver's view of the rear, this display is an essential safety component.


The Aptera is a "two plus one" concept car, meaning that two adults can fit comfortably in the driver and passenger seats and a removable third seat is available for infants. Take that seat out, and you can fit ___ in the Aptera.

If you thought a station wagon was the best "grocery getter" on the market, take another look in the Aptera's sizable backseat. You can fit 15 bags of groceries back there.


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