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Staring at the tranquil blue waters of your aquarium and wondering why you can't see any of your fish? If it's been absolutely ages since you last cleaned the tank, take our quiz and get some aquarium cleaning tips that will make your fish visible and healthy.

How many fish are currently kept as pets in U.S. households?

According to the American Pet Products Association, there are currently about 170 million fresh water fish kept as pets, which beats 93.6 million cats and 77.5 million dogs.


Why are fish the most popular pet?

Fish are possibly the most popular pet because they require less maintenance than other pets; they don't need to be fed or bathed.


What do bacteria inside a fish tank do?

The bacteria inside a fish tank are nitrifying, meaning they break down the ammonia inside fish waste so that the aquarium water does not become toxic.


How often should you clean the gravel in your tank?

If you have gravel in your fish tank, you should clean it weekly. It is easiest to do so with a special vacuum, available for purchase at your local pet supply store.


How much water do you need to replace weekly?

You should replace about 10 to 15 percent of the total water in your fish tank weekly. The vacuum used to clean the gravel can also double as a water siphon, saving you time and money.


What do you need to do to water before adding it to the fish tank?

Water needs to be dechlorinated before adding it to the fish tank so as not to kill good bacteria. You can do that by adding de-chlorinating drops, available from most pet stores.


Why do you need to clean the glass of your fish tank?

You need to keep the glass both inside and outside of your fish tank clean, to keep algae under control.


What should you use to clean the glass in a fish tank?

You should clean the outside of the fish tank with vinegar and the inside with an algae scraper. Don't use commercial cleaner; they will harm the fish if they get inside the fish tank.


What is a good way to remove algae from the decorative items in your fish tank?

The best way to remove algae from decorative items like fake plants and treasure chests is to remove them from the tank and scrub them with an old toothbrush. Don't use chemical cleaners, they will harm the fish.


How often are disposable filters usually changed?

Disposable filters are usually changed monthly. If you have multiple filters, change them on a rotational basis. Permanent filters just need to be rinsed with dechlorinated water.


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