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Surely, getting a tablet in the $100 to $400 range must mean giving up a lot and carrying around a concrete slate-sized device, right? Test your Archos tablet know-how and find out.

Archos came out with its first tablet-like devices in 2009.

Actually, it was in 2007 when Archos introduced its first touch screen devices, with a line of tablets following in 2008 and Android tablets in 2009.


Archos has "arch" in its name, reflecting its success in creating a bendable, flex screen.

That would be sweet! But no, flexible screens aren't yet realized by major manufacturers, though they're on the horizon for the not-too-distant future.


"Angry Birds" doesn't work well with Archos tablets.

Those birds are really too angry to work well with anyone, but the Angry Birds game works well with most Archos tablets.


Archos is the first company to launch an Android 3.2 operating system tablet.

Huawei, Acer and others buzzed in ahead with their Honeycomb 3.2 OS releases.


Tablets don't have hard drives.

Most tablets on the market have internal flash drives, but Archos is offering hard drives with up to 250 GB of memory for several of its tablets.


Archos has more "flash" than Apple.

Technically, Archos has more Flash with a capital "F" than Apple, whose iPad doesn't support Adobe Flash.


Archos tablets don’t support Skype.

Skype is supported even in very early versions of Archos tablets.


Archos means "tablet" in Greek.

"Deltos" is Greek for "tablet" or "writing tablet." Archos has another meaning, which comes later in the quiz.


A 2.8-inch (7.11 cm) device isn’t really a tablet.

When is a tablet not a tablet? Some would say that a size this small puts the device in the MP3 player category, while others consider it a mini-tablet, or as the Wall Street Journal dubbed it, a "teeny tiny tablet." Guess it depends on what a user expects it to do.


Apple's iPad 2 weighs more than an Archos 101 tablet.

The Archos 101 10.1-inch Internet Tablet is 1.06 pounds (0.48 kilograms); the 9.5-inch iPad 2 weighs in at about 1.34 pounds.


Archos tablets are light because they're made from an aluminum alloy.

They're not made with aluminum alloy; they're light because they're actually bound together and cased in reinforced plastic.


Upgrading an Archos tablet with a 2.2 operating system involves just replacing parts to make it 3.2 ready.

Upgrading to a later OS would involve buying a new tablet.


Google Android operating systems are named after desserts, in alphabetical order for each upgrade.

Cupcake, Donut, Éclair, Froyo, Gingerbread and Honeycomb to date, but Google isn’t telling why dessert names and what the "A" and "B" treats were before going public with Cupcakes. Could Icing be next?


Archos tablets are so affordable that no one thinks they can compete with Apple's iPads.

A June 2011 review on ZDNet.com called Archos forthcoming G9 releases "Serious competition for the iPad." Time will tell whether the tablets are in the same league as the competition.


Archos is also the name of the company's president.

A scramble of the last name of the company's president, Henri Crohas, may have something to do with the name Archos, which translates to "ruler" in Latin.


Archos didn’t have access to Google's Android Market early on, so it started its own Android marketplace.

AppsLib was created by Archos and provides close to 40,000 apps, not only for Archos tablets, but also for Android devices from other manufacturers.


New Archos tablets will come with an app for the Google Android Marketplace installed.

Both the 80 G9 and 101 G9 will have ready access to the Google Android Marketplace.


WebOS had an uncertain future after the 2011 announcement that HP will stop developing and selling WebOS devices, but Archos has WebOS products in the works.

As of this writing, Archos is Android OS all the way, with the exception of one Windows 7 OS offering in its 9PC tablet. Other companies may pick up the dropped WebOS ball, though.


You can store about 20 hours of films in HD on the new Archos 101 G9.

Make that more than 40 hours of films in full HD, according to the Archos Web site.


Archos offers a smaller selection of tablets than most manufacturers.

With about 10 tablet offerings as of fall 2011, they offer more than most (if not all) of its tablet competitors.


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