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The 1960s -- everything was changing, and cars were no exception! Probably the most famous automotive innovation of this decade was Ford's rollout of the Mustang in 1964, which inspired a number of other "pony cars," or cars with strong engines in shorter, sleeker bodies. 

In Europe, Italian designer Gian Paolo Dallara and two other Lamborghini designers created the Miura, which kicked off the European supercar craze. Icons of the 1960s, like fictional spy James Bond and American film hero Steve McQueen, were firmly associated with the fantastic cars they drove onscreen. The family station wagon was still a rarity, the long gas lines of the 1970s were yet to come ... and the SUV? It was still decades away!

How much do you know about the designs and fads of 1960s cars? Do you know, for example, which car was the brainchild of Adolf Hitler? (Hint: Its name translates to "people's car.") Or which European car was called "the most beautiful car ever made"? Of course, there was probably a lot of debate about that at the time, just like there would be today. 

If you're feeling confident about your knowledge of 1960s cars, get behind the wheel of our quiz! Find out now if your classic-car savvy is a Stingray ... or an Edsel!

What was the first Pontiac that was actually an add-on package for the Pontiac Tempest?

The optional add-on package cost $295 in 1964, which included a hood scoop, chromed valve covers, and a seven-blade clutch fan.


What model of Ford was referred to as the 1964 1/2 model?

The first Ford Mustangs were manufactured four months before the end of 1964.


What car was the icon of popular British culture in the 1960s?

Until 2001, the Mini Cooper was manufactured by the English-based company, British Motor Corporation.


The '60s Chevrolet Camaro came with an optional _______ package for appearance.

The RS package included hidden headlights, RS badging, and exterior bright trim.


In 1962, the second generation of Corvette introduced the _____________.

The 1963 Stingray was Chevrolet's first attempt of a Corvette coupe.


It was called the most beautiful car ever made.

When the E-Type was released in 1961, Enzo Ferrari said it was "the most beautiful car ever made."


This Aston Martin DB5 topped the list of favorite cars driven by ________________.

The DB5 evolved from the DB4 and first made its appearance onscreen in James Bond's "Goldfinger."


The _________ GT40 won the Le Mans race four times in a row.

The Ford GT40 was a high performance race car modeled after the British Lola Mk6 and could go more than 200 mph.


What is the other name for the Ford Mustang GT50 model?

The Cobra 427 could hit 60 mph in four seconds and go 0 to 100 mph in just over 10 seconds.


The Dodge Charger made its splash mid __________.

A new high performance package called R/T came with a 440 Magnum, with the option of a 426 Hemi.


What Chevrolet model is the only mass-produced American car that used a rear-mounted air-cooled engine?

The Corvair was a popular car but its reputation was marred in the beginning by the way it handled and a cover-up by GM.


The Z28 option code was available for what Chevrolet model?

The Z28 option made the 1967 Camaro almost street-race ready.


What car from Dodge was an awesome stock car in NASCAR races?

The Polara had an optional V8 that made it great for NASCAR and drag racing.


Ford had a car model that bombed and became a worldwide symbol for a commercial failure. What was it?

The Edsel had only three model years from 1958 to 1960.


What car was the result of Hitler's vision?

Hitler wanted a car for the "people," that was cheap, simple, and able to navigate the new roads.


This full-size Buick was an Invicta subseries.

In 1962, the Wildcat started as an Invicta subseries. However, from 1963 to 1970, it was its own series.


What is the name of the roadster produced by Alfa Romeo with the model years from 1966 to 1994?

The Spider made its splash to the public in March 1966 at the 36th Geneva Motor Show.


What car used the Checker taxi cab bodies?

The Checker Superba was made by Checker Motors Company from 1961 to 1963.


In 1961, the Cadillac Eldorado__________ convertible was reclassified as a subseries of the De Ville.

The Eldorado Biarritz convertible's standard equipment included dual backup lights, plain fender skirts, power windows, and remote control trunk lock.


What car made its entrance into the world by a publicity stunt?

The Fiat 124 was introduced to the world equipped with a parachute and dropped from a plane.


The Mazda ____________ was a grand touring coupe produced from 1967 to 1995.

Mazda chose the named Cosmo because of the worldwide fascination with the race to space.


What multi-purpose vehicle did Ford manufacture from 1966 to 1996?

The multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) predates the sport utility vehicle (SUV). Ford plans on bringing back the Bronco in 2020.


The Mercury ___________ was based on these Ford models: Falcon, Fairlane, and Maverick.

Mercury had planned the Comet to be an Edsel model.


What Ford model was the upscale version of the Ford Fairlane?

The Ford Torino was named after the city of Turin, which in Italian is Torino and considered "the Italian Detroit."


Introduced in 1962, what Jeep model was a full-size pickup truck?

The Gladiator was the first post-war Jeep model made for civilians and adopted for military use.


During 1965, three engineers at Lamborghini designed what supercar in their spare time?

The prototype to the Miura was called the P400.


What Lincoln car birthed the new personal luxury car segment?

The Lincoln Continental line of luxury cars was made by Lincoln, which was a division of Ford Motors.


The Triumph Spitfire is a two-seat British car that was introduced in what year?

The sports car was introduced to the world at the London Motor Show.


What car company licensed the Road Runner name, looks, and its famous "beep beep" sound from Warner Brothers?

The first generation Plymouth Road Runner was based off of the Belvedere.


What Pontiac car was built to go up against the Ford Mustang?

The Firebird had the same coke bottle styling as its cousin, the Chevrolet Camaro.


What Dodge car started the 1960s as a full-size car and ended the decade as a compact?

The Dart was created to replace Plymouth's standard, low-end car models for the Dodge dealer network that had been selling Plymouths since the 1930s.


In 1991, what Buick model from the 1960s was replaced by the Park Avenue?

The Electra was a full-size luxury car named after Electra Waggoner Biggs, the sister-in-law of General Motors' Buick Motor Division's president, Harlow H. Curtice.


This model series of Volvo was the company's first boxy styling.

The 140's boxy style survived through the 1990s as the 200 series.


What was the last car model that BMW had in the economy car market?

There was guff about the limited interior space in the 700 series, so BMW decided to make two versions, a coupe and a saloon.


What Ford car was redesigned with a bullet-like body in 1961?

The Thunderbird was in 1961's Indianapolis 500 as the pace car and made a splash in U.S. President John F. Kennedy's inaugural parade as the president of Ford Motor Company became Kennedy's Secretary of Defense.


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