Quiz: Are These "Bachelor" Contestants or Stock Photos?
Are These "Bachelor" Contestants or Stock Photos?
By: Jacqueline Samaroo
Image: CoffeeAndMilk/E+/Getty Images

About This Quiz

Everything is coming up roses! That's what each contestant on The Bachelor hopes for - and we think this quiz will be totally rosy for you, too!

ABC's "The Bachelor" is old-fashioned match-making done reality TV style. Ever since the show kicked off its first season in 2002, it has kept viewers glued to their TV screens eager to see which lucky contestant ends up with that precious final rose.

Admittedly, some seasons have been more exciting than others. Like that one which had NO winner! Can you still picture the two finalists who were shunned and stunned by the bachelor that time? They are both in the quiz, try spotting them - if you can!

"Drama" is definitely this show's middle name. There has been more than one season which saw the bachelor moving on to a relationship, and even marriage, with his runner-up! Can you recall any of those unlucky winners and the luckier runners-up? Or, will our stock photos fool you each time? Take the quiz, already, and find out!

You will have to be a devoted fan of "The Bachelor" to spot each and every stock photo straight away. So, will you come out smelling like roses, or will we have to give the final rose to someone else? Jump into the quiz and let's see!

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