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The Bible is divided into the Old and New Testaments. Both Testaments feature major stories that shaped Christianity in countless ways. Can you correctly place these stories in the correct Testament?

Jesus Christ arose from the dead in which Testament?

It's one of the most important stories of the New Testament. After being crucified and buried, Jesus rose from the dead and took His place by God in heaven.


The fall of Adam and Eve is detailed in which part of the bible?

It's the story that started it all -- the Garden of Eden and two dummies named Adam and Eve. These two had their fun, thereby cursing humanity for the rest of time.


A story about the creation of the entire universe appears in the ______.

In the Old Testament, we learn that there was once just a vast darkness. Then, God began a creation process, unfurling a universe filled with unfathomable wonders.


In which Testament did Jesus take a bit of bread and fish, pray, and then miraculously feed a large gathering of people?

In the New Testament a crowd of thousands hungrily clamored for food … but there wasn't enough to go around. Jesus prayed and the food multiplied to feed the multitudes. They even had leftovers for the after-party.


The story of the creation of humankind occurs in which half of the bible?

On the sixth day of creation in the Old Testament, God created humans. Then on the seventh day, He rested, because let's face it, humans are exhausting.


In which Testament did Jesus miraculously walk on water?

Some of Jesus' disciples were in a small boat that was caught in a ferocious storm. They feared for their lives, but Jesus walked on the water toward them and calmed their fears. Then he hopped in the boat with them, because, you know, walking on water is hard work.


The story of Noah's Ark is detailed in which part of the bible?

Well, that first round of creation didn't go so well. So the Old Testament relates how God flooded the world and started from scratch, allowing only Noah and his ark to survive the deluge.


The birth of Jesus is portrayed in which Testament?

In the New Testament, we read of Mary and Joseph and their struggle to find a place to have their baby. They finally find a spot in a stable, and Jesus is born in a dirty little manger.


The story of the Prodigal Son is featured in which part of the bible?

A young man rashly leaves home, goes broke and returns humiliated to his family. The father doesn't scold the young man -- instead, he forgives him for his hastiness and welcomes him back into the fold.


In which Testament did Jesus heal a paralyzed man?

A group of men carried their paralyzed friend to Jesus in the hopes that He could perform a medical miracle. Their faith was rewarded -- they lowered the man through a hole in a roof to Jesus, who healed the man on the spot.


Abraham prepares to kill his own son, Isaac, as a sacrifice to God in the _____.

God commands Abraham to kill his own son in the Old Testament. Just as Abraham is about to follow through on the order, a messenger from God stops the event. Instead, Abraham sacrifices a ram.


Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt in which half of the bible?

In the Old Testament, God commands Moses to lead the enslaved Israelites out of Egypt to Canaan. But as we learn, the Egyptian Pharaoh refused to allow Moses to continue until God sent the ten plagues.


In which Testament does a Samaritan woman draw well water for Jesus?

In the New Testament, Jews don't typically get along with the Samaritans. But Jesus has no qualms about interacting with society's outcasts. He takes water from the woman, drawing surprised reactions from Jews.


Moses receives the Ten Commandments from God in the _____.

After leading the Israelites to freedom, Moses and company headed to Mount Sinai. There, on the mountain, God gave Moses the Ten Commandments, which have been broken once or twice in the past few hundred years.


David defeated Goliath in which portion of the bible?

David, armed with his puny slingshot, takes down Goliath in the Old Testament. His exploits are then used as a hyperbolic metaphor during big sporting events all over the world.


Which portion of the Bible relates a story about Jesus turning water into wine?

It's one of the tastiest stories in the entire Bible. This New Testament story shows how Jesus rewarded the faith of his followers by performing a major miracle … he turned water into wine. Then, they all partied until the wee hours of the morning.


The story of the good Samaritan appears in which part of the Bible?

The story of the good Samaritan is one of the most famous parts of the New Testament. As Jesus watches, a Samaritan stops to help a man who has been beaten and left for dead alongside a road. The lesson? Help everyone in need.


In which Testament do the walls of Jericho fall to the sound of trumpets?

Moses sends the Israelites to conquer Canaan, but the walled city of Jericho stands in their way. No matter. Joshua orders his troops to play their trumpets, and the sound is so loud that the walls of the city crumble. Legend has it they played, "Macarena."


God sends an angel of death to kill all of the first-born children and the firstborn of every animal in which half of the Bible?

The Old Testament God was a rather serious deity who didn't take any flack from humans. He sends an angel to kill off Egyptian babies, and the land was filled with the cries of mourning families.


Where does the parable of the lost sheep appear?

In the New Testament, Jesus relates the story of a lost sheep. He implores people to search for the lost sheep (sinners) of the world to bring them back to the flock, where they can be saved.


In the _____, two women fight over a baby and King Solomon offers to cut the child in half, giving one piece to each mother.

In the Old Testament, King Solomon shows his wisdom by offering to settle a child custody dispute by cutting the kid in half. The real mother, of course, screams in horror… and Solomon gives her the child because he knows a true mother would rather give up a baby than watch it be hacked to bits.


Which Testament features the story of a man named Daniel being thrown into the lion's den?

The jealous ruler Darius throws Daniel to the lions in the Old Testament. But when Darius returns the following day, he finds Daniel quite alive -- God sent angels to close the mouths of the lions as a reward for Daniel's faith.


The story about the resurrection of Lazarus appears in which Testament?

Four days after the man died, Jesus visits the cold, dead corpse of a man named Lazarus. To the amazement of onlookers, Jesus rewards the man's great faith by restoring him to life.


The Nile River turns to blood in which Testament?

The lesson here is this: if you don't listen to God, you're gonna get some plagues. And Old Testament plagues were the worst. A river of blood turned out to be just the beginning.


The story of Joseph and his coat of many colors appears in which Testament?

Joseph made the mistake of telling his brothers about a dream in which they bowed to him. Strike one. Then dad gave Joseph a super-cool colored coat. Strike two. In Old Testament baseball that's all the strikes you get, and the annoyed brothers sold Joseph into slavery. But one day he returned, and you can probably guess what happened next.


A man named Stephen is stoned to death in which part of the Bible?

In the New Testament, after Jesus' crucifixion, Stephen peered up and claimed to see Jesus at the right hand of God. Other believers were horrified by this claim and decided to vent by, you know, stoning Stephen to death.


Jonah gets gobbled up by a great big juicy fish in which Testament?

Jonah went on the run from God and found out the hard way that God. Is. Everywhere. He's cast off a ship and swallowed by a great fish. After three days in the fish, Jonah begged for forgiveness, so God decided to relent, so the fish puked up Jonah on a beach.


In which Testament does Moses arrive before the Pharoah and say "Let my people go"?

Moses arrived in Egypt and said "Let my people go" to the Pharoah, who refused to listen. As punishment, God sent ten plagues that ruined the country.


Jesus sees a crooked tax collector in a tree and asks the man to take him home for a meal.

In the New Testament, the tax collector/thief is mesmerized by Jesus but expects only scorn. Instead, Jesus asks the man for a meal at his home, a way of signaling to others that Jesus wanted to save all sinners.


Nebuchadnezzar throws Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego into a fiery furnace in which Testament?

Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego refuse to bow to false gods … so Nebuchadnezzar has them thrown into a furnace. Saved by angels, the three amigos saunter out of the furnace without even stinky scorched arm hairs.


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