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In today's global economy, it's hard to tell where products come from. That goes for everything from blue jeans to shrimp. Do you know if the following products were made in America ... or somewhere else?

Nike shoes

Nike is a most American brand, but one that doesn't make its products in the U.S. Thanks to cheap overseas labor, Nike relies almost exclusively on foreign manufacturing facilities.


Etch-a-Sketch toys

Originally invented in France and then built in America, generations of American kids grew up playing with the iconic Etch-a-Sketch. But it's not an American product. It's been made in China since 2000.


Barbie dolls

Barbie and friends haven't been an American product for 15 years. In 2002, Mattel decided to move all Barbie manufacturing to China.


Darn Tough socks

Darn Tough socks are making a name for themselves thanks to, well, their toughness and durability. The company also has a marketing edge because it makes its socks in the U.S.


Brach's candies

An American company that was founded in 1904, Brach's ran up against new sugar regulations and realized that the writing was on the wall. To keep manufacturing costs under control, it moved production to Mexico in the early 2000s.


Snap-on Tools

Tools are the kind of product that are often much cheaper to make in foreign lands. But Snap-on Tools are made in the United States. The company employs more than 11,000 people around the world.


Huffy bicycles

For a long time, each Huffy bike had an American flag right on the frame. No longer. With American Huffy factories shuttered, the bikes are made in China and Mexico.


Chuck Taylor All-Stars sneakers

Converse made its popular "Chucks" in America for a long time. But Nike bought the company and promptly moved manufacturing of the famous shoes to other countries.


Harley-Davidson motorcycles

Harley-Davidson sells itself as one of the most popular American brands on Earth. It's a good thing, then, that the actual bikes are still also made in America.


Buck knives

Buck knives are one of those products that you really want to believe are made in America. The brand is associated with cowboys and tough mountain living. You're in luck -- Buck is still an American-made product.


Schwinn bicycles

The Schwinn bicycle company has been through a lot of financial upheaval in the past couple of decades, and eventually, foreign entities took control of the company. Bikes with this brand name are all made overseas.


Radio Flyer wagons

Radio Flyer wagons have served as a symbol of American childhood for decades. And they still do, of course, but since 2004 they've been made in China.


Pyrex cookware

If there's ever been a product that seems like it could be made cheaper overseas, Pyrex cookware is it. But the company still manufactures its super-tough products in America.


Red Wing shoes

The vast majority of shoes that Americans wear are made in other countries, where labor is cheaper. Red Wing shoes, though, are an American-made product. The company is based in Red Wing, Minnesota.


Dell computers

You probably know that most of your electronics are manufactured in other countries. Same goes for Dell-branded computers. Almost all of its computers are made in Mexico and Asia.


Zippo lighters

Here's one that you might not expect. Zippo lighters, the ubiquitous little fire starters that you can find at gas stations and grocery stores, is totally made in America.


Intel computer chips

Not all of Intel's chips are made in America. But the vast majority are, and the company publicly plans to continue expanding its manufacturing facilities in the U.S.


Levi's jeans

What company could be more American than Levi's, the famous purveyor of all things denim? Well, a lot of companies, actually. Levi's products are made all over the place, just not in the U.S.A.


Crayola Crayons

Not all of your childhood memories have been outsourced to China. Crayola Crayons are still proudly an American product, made in Easton, Pennsylvania.


Rawlings baseballs

You'd think that the MLB would want an American-made ball for America's favorite pastime. Alas, Rawlings baseballs are made in Costa Rica.


Airstream campers

Airstream is known for its sleek campers that have a retro American appeal. It's not just for show. They're an American company selling American-made products.


Duraflame logs

Americans like to burn things. Maybe that's why we've kept Duraflame logs in the family. The artificial logs are made mostly in Kentucky and California.


Stihl tools

The Stihl brand of tools is proudly made in America. Other tool brands, such as Craftsman, have murkier manufacturing origins.


Chevy Silverado pickup

Some of the Silverados are indeed made in Michigan. However, a large percentage are built in Mexico. But if Tex-Mex food worked out, so too can a pickup with blended origins.


Post-it Notes

If you buy a stack of Post-it Notes in America or Japan, it was made in the U.S.A. The product is made in various places around the world, but American customers receive only the American-made sticky notes.


Wilson footballs

The NFL would never stoop to using footballs made in Taiwan. Wilson footballs are a genuine American product.


G.I. Joe dolls

G.I. Joe might be a symbol of America's military might. But he's no American. Hasbro makes many of its toys in China, and Joe isn't exactly exempt from that rule.


Cutco Cutlery

Have you used Cutco knives? They stay sharp even after you slice cardboard boxes and then throw them in a kitchen junk drawer. They're also exclusively made in the U.S.A.


KitchenAid mixers

These stout, old-school mixers look and feel like a solid kitchen tool your grandma bought in the '40s. It really is an American product, and they all get their start in Greenville, Ohio.


Black & Decker

It was Americans who created the first portable drill, way back in 1917. But Black & Decker makes almost all of its current products in China.


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