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Are you devoted to all things cake, muffin and bread? When you're a baker, it's so important that you know the names of the tools, techniques and tasty delicacies! So let's get started and test your knowledge of all things baking.

Which is true about low-fat cakes?

Baked goods that are low in fat do not freeze well. That gives you an excuse to eat them quickly!

In a marbled loaf cake, what is used to create the dark color of the marbling?

Yep, cocoa is mixed with half the dough and then marbled with the other half of the uncolored dough. That gives you the neat swirling effect!

What do you use to put jelly in a donut?

The piping bag is used to squeeze the jelly into the donut. A piping bag can also used to apply frosting.

Which of these desserts takes the longest to bake?

This meringue-based Russian dessert bakes for over an hour, while the other three are relatively fast in the oven. But some things are worth the wait!

What kind of hands should a pastry chef have?

Pastry hands are cool hands. When you keep your hands cool, you won't cause the fat to soften too much when you handle the dough.

How long can you freeze a sponge cake?

A sponge cake can freeze for eight weeks. Be sure to cool the cake completely before freezing, to protect the spongy texture.

Which is true about angel food cake?

Angel food cake made from scratch is actually fat-free. That's why it's as light as a cloud.

When making a cake roll with fruit filling, which of the​ following is required?

It seems like a lot of work, but this is what you must do. The cake needs to cool in the rolly shape, and then it needs to be unrolled​ and filled. Good luck.

Which of these is NOT in carrot cake?

Duh. You better have answered that correctly.

What is a springform cake pan?

A springform pan is a piece of bakeware that allows you to remove the sides of the pan to easily extract the cake.

Which of these ingredients is NOT in buttercream?

Buttercream, so rich and delicious, is made from only butter, powdered sugar, and a little milk or cream, with vanilla extract for flavor. Talk about simplicity!

How should the center of the cheesecake be when you pull it from the oven?

Ideally, the cheesecake will have just set in the center when you pull it from the oven. This is ideal because the cake will continue to bake while still warm.

What is streusel?

Streusel is a crumbly mix of fat, sugar, flour, and often cinnamon or nuts. Perfect on top of coffee cake!

What's a good tip for baking with fruit pieces?

The flour on the fruit pieces prevents them from sinking in your wet mixture. Ideally, you will have the fruit spread evenly throu​gh the cake.

Which of these events is fruitcake perfect for?

Is there any holiday or event where fruitcake is inappropriate? What's not to like? After all, Prince William and Kate Middleton had an eight-tiered fruitcake at their wedding!

What is the name of the Italian sweet treat often served at Christmas?

Yes, panettone isn't the only sweet Christmas bread in Italy. There are tons of them!

What is quark? Hint! We aren't talking about subatomic particles.

Quark is a soft, fresh cow's milk cheese that is similar to cream cheese. It's great for baking.

What is fondant?

Fondant is the firm, icing-like covering for cakes. It is made from sugar, water, gelatin, glucose and glycerin, plus flavoring or color as desired.

What is a whoopie pie?

The whoopie pie is pure Americana. It's basically a chocolate cake sandwich filled with cream, although these days some bakers create other varieties, such as pumpkin.

Which oil is best for baking?

It's best to use a flavorless oil when baking. Many vegetable oils, including sunflower oil, have little flavor.

Who made the French cakes, madeleines, famous?

Marcel Proust made madeleines famous in his book, "Swann's Way." After you read it, these little cakes will never taste the same.

How are traditional scones shaped into triangles?

Just cut your scone dough as if it were a pizza. Simple and elegant.

What are rock cakes?

Rock cakes hail from Britain, and they're made with raisins or other dried fruit. The Brits -- including Hagrid in the "Harry Potter" saga -- like them because they're light and crumbly.

What is a patisserie?

A patisserie is a bakery that specializes in French pastries. This should be the French word for heaven!

How long do you bake croissants?

Croissants generally bake for 20 to 30 minutes. However, follow your particular recipe and keep an eye on your delicacies!

What is a piquant flavor?

Piquant is used to describe a flavor that is sharp, stimulating, and lively. It comes from the French word "piquer," which means to sting or prick.

Hot cross buns are associated with which holiday?

Easter is the time for hot cross buns -- as is Good Friday. But be sure to make your own, because the packaged stuff is no good.

What must you always do to choux pastries upon removing them from the oven?

Immediately cut a hole or slit into the side of each pastry in order to release the steam. Otherwise, they will lose their amazing texture.

What is millefeuille?

Millefeuille is a popular French confection that features many layers of thin pastry with cream in between. It's flaky, creamy and hard to make.

What should you look out for when buying store-bought pastry dough?

Do not select pastry that contains oil instead of butter. Butter makes it taste better and keep better.

What must baking yeast always be accompanied by?

Yeast feeds on sugar for energy. It doesn't have to be plain sugar. There are tons of options!

The taste and texture of bread improve after cooling for how long?

Bread has a better texture after it cools. We all like fresh-baked bread, but after 30 minutes or more -- even a day or two -- the texture improves. If you can't wait, consider baking a small extra loaf for immediate sampling!

Do cinnamon rolls need to rise?

Before you bake them, cinnamon rolls need to rise until they double in size. This is non-negotiable.

Why is buttermilk great for baking?

Buttermilk is acidic, and that means that it helps with many baked goods. When balanced with a base, such as baking soda, the acid will improve the leavening of your baked goods. Alchemy!

What is a castagnaccio?

This Italian cake is dense because it's made with chestnut flour. If you didn't know about it, then it's time to seriously investigate Italian baking.

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