Quiz: Are you a BBQ and grill master?
Are you a BBQ and grill master?
By: Doug Criss
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From smoking to grilling to barbecue, it takes experience and talent to become a true BBQ master. How much do you know about the tools and tips that make for delicious fire-fueled foods?

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How should you oil your grill's grates before you start cooking?
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What should you do immediately after removing a steak from a hot grill?
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What should you always do before you light your gas grill?
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"Planking" involves grilling food directly on ______.
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When you're grilling foods, it's possible that the cooking process can create _______ chemicals.
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With regard to grilling, what's the purpose of a "chimney"?
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What sort of fuel source do pellet grills use?
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Which style of cooking produces a noticeable amount of smoke, and thus, smoky flavor?
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How should you check your meats to make sure they're thoroughly cooked?
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You can gauge a grill's heat by holding your hand over it. If you want a very hot grill, you should only be able to hold your hand over the grill for about _____.
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Should you clean your grill's grates after every time you cook?
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True of false, is grilling is a form of "low and slow" cooking?
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If you want your charcoal grill to burn hotter, what should you do?
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If you're grilling and the flames flare up, what should you do?
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Why should you avoid charcoal that lights with only a match?
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What's one of the biggest benefits of a propane grill versus a charcoal grill?
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For smoking meat, what advantage do wood chunks have over wood chips?
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What's one big benefit that charcoal grills have over propane grills?
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Which of the following woods is best for smoking meats?
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Which grill style is better for trapping smoke that adds delicious flavor to foods?
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True or false, it's possible to get a nice wood-smoke flavor on a propane gas grill.
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On which type of grill is it easier to maintain a consistent temperature?
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Which grill is generally capable of creating the highest temperatures?
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Smoking is a type of _____ cooking.
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Why are gas grills notoriously ineffective for smoking foods, even if they're equipped with smoking boxes?
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Which wood tends to create the most smoke for very strong smoke flavor?
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True or false: Cooking with charcoal always lends a distinctive smoky flavor to foods, especially compared to gas grills?
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Why should you always cover your grill once it's cool?
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