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Being a beauty guru in 2019 is no easy task because there are just so many things you need to know. For one, you need not only to understand and own lots of products from different brands, but you also need to know the best kinds of skin for them, the creators of those brands and what each product is best used for. You also need to know about all the trends that are going on in the makeup world and stay abreast with things that may be popular soon on social media. So, it is hard work!

But if you can answer the questions that we have in this quiz today, correctly, we'll call you a certified one. Not only are we going to ask about the techniques that already exist, but we also want to know about the owners of certain beauty likes, what come products are used for and which makeup brush does what. 

It can be very tricky since a lot of the products and brushes do the same thing, so we'll be really impressed if you're able to tell which one does what. If you believe you're a beauty guru and you want to prove it, take this test now. 

Made popular by Urban Decay and now P. Louise, what is the function of a primer?

Primer adds a smooth finish to the skin and helps maintain makeup that was previously applied so that it remains flawless throughout the day. Primer protects the skin and is sold in powder, cream and gel forms.


When would you use a stippling brush?

A stippling brush is used to apply many forms of makeup such as powder, foundation, highlighters, and blush. This is done by dipping the stippling brush into the makeup of choice and applying it to the face.


What does MAC stand for?

MAC is the acronym for Makeup Art Cosmetics. This international makeup brand is simply called MAC, and it was founded in 1984 by Frank Toskan, a makeup artist, and Frank Angelo, who served as the company's marketing director.


What does "baking" mean?

"Baking" is a makeup technique that was started by drag queens many years ago. It is done by applying foundation, concealer and then setting powder. It should be allowed to sit for a few minutes before dusting off, as this will allow the powder to absorb all the oils beforehand.


Usually applied at night, do you know what a toner is meant to do?

Toner is a makeup product that should be included in every makeup routine. It is sold in liquid form and helps to cleanse the face of makeup, dirt and other unwanted particles. It should be used after exfoliation.


What does the green color corrector fix?

Green color corrector is used to hide redness caused by pimples, acne scars and other blemishes that have popped up on your face. It is sold in a small green tube that makes it convenient and easy to store away in your bag.


What is foundation supposed to do?

Foundation is a makeup product that is essentially designed to even out the skin tone and also to hide blemishes and flaws. Foundations are used as a base for a makeup routine before other cosmetics are applied and they can also act as a moisturizer.


One of the many brushes available for makeup application, which process is a fan brush used for?

The fan brush is given this name due to its short bristles that are similar to the shape of a fan. It has multiple uses, such as to brush away unwanted makeup from the eyes and to apply highlighter.


Which of these things would you use to prevent fall-out?

Fallout occurs when eyeshadow smudges onto other parts of the face after it has been applied to the eyes. This can be prevented by either applying your eyeshadow first and foundation after or by adding primer or a translucent powder before eyeshadow application.


One of the most frequently bought and replaced makeup products, what does mascara do?

Mascara is applied to eyelashes to add definition to them, either by making them thicker longer or even darker. Mascara comes in many bright colors and can be used to create a bold look when applied.


What part of the face is a spoolie brush used on?

The spoolie brush is a small tapered brush with soft bristles. It can be used to smooth out the eyebrows and brush them in a certain direction before they are filled in or groomed in any other way. It can also be used to remove clumps of mascara and untangle eyelashes.


A technique that has taken off recently, what exactly is highlighting?

Highlighting is the process of using subtle makeup techniques to bright out the shape of the face and its structure. Highlighter is normally applied to the cheekbones, forehead and the nose.


Can you tell us what the "BB" in BB cream stands for?

BB cream or blemish balm cream is an all in one product that is used to moisturize the skin, prep it for makeup and even out the skin tone. In this way, it acts as a moisturizer, primer, and foundation. This versatile product is perfect for quick coverage when you're on the go.


Which of these is a foundation brush supposed to do?

The foundation brush is used to apply all types of foundation - whether it is gel, liquid or powder format. It provides a seamless finish, whereas using a sponge or even your fingers may not allow you to create that perfect look while using the same product.


Not the contouring you're used to, do you know what it is to reverse contour?

As the name suggests, reverse contouring is done contouring parts of the face that you would usually highlight and vice versa. Some persons also include the method of applying contour and highlight before foundation, as part of the process. It is particularly beneficial to persons with skin that has red discolorations.


What is a beauty blender?

A beauty blender is an egg-shaped sponge that was specifically designed to apply makeup of just about any kind - from foundation to moisturizer and cream blush. Beauty blenders were first sold in pink but can now be found in purple, black, yellow and other colors.


Who owns ABH cosmetics?

Anastasia Beverly Hills is a beauty brand that is owned by Anastasia Soare, a Romanian national who fled to the United States in the late 80s. Since then, she launched a billion-dollar business that focuses on creating the perfect eyebrows.


What does e.l.f. stand for?

E.L.F is short for Eyes Lips Face and is a company that sells almost every product you can think of in the cosmetology world - brushes, mascara, lipstick as well as other forms of makeup, bath and skin care products.


A technique that results in a beautiful yet complicated product, what do you think a cut crease is?

Cut crease is an eyeshadow technique that creates a dramatic contrast of colors. This is done by highlighting the crease of the eye by applying an eyeshadow color that is in contrast to the previous one. This technique adds definition to the eyes.


What is the definition of contouring?

Contouring is a makeup technique that draws attention to the shape of the face, by accentuating its features. Bronzer and foundation are often used in contouring, and these products must be some shades darker than your skin tone to create this effect.


What does the peach color corrector fix?

Peach color corrector is used on persons of a lighter skin tone, in order to conceal dark circles under the eyes and other skin discolorations. The peach is a mixture of yellow, red and orange colors.


What is the name of Kim Kardashian's makeup line?

Kim Kardashian is a socialite and businesswoman who launched her very own makeup line, KKW Beauty, in June 2017. All the products, such as contour kits and lipsticks, are sold exclusively on KKW Beauty's website.


What is a Kabuki brush used to apply?

The kabuki brush, also known as the mushroom brush, is a short brush used to apply loose powder to the face. This makeup bag essential can also be used for a quick application of foundation and to smooth hair away from the face.


A product that has been around for centuries, do you know what a powder puff is?

A powder puff is a soft but small item that is used to apply powder to the face as part of a makeup routine. It is often sold as a rounded ball or as a pad and is included in the makeup cases that foundation and concealer are sold in.


What does a silicon sponge do?

The silicone sponge, which is about the same size as the beauty blender, is used to apply makeup to the face. It is not absorbent of the product, and so this ensures that little to no product is wasted in the application process.


What does the term "my face is beat" mean?

A "beat face" or to "beat your face" is a popular phrase that has either been heard or used by many in the beauty industry. It simply refers to a face with makeup that is well done and flawless.


Do you know who the creator of Huda Beauty is?

Huda Beauty is a cosmetic line that sells products such as false eyelashes, palettes of eyeshadow and liquid lipsticks. This beauty line was created by Huda Kattan, a U.S. citizen with Iraqi parentage.


What is micellar water used for?

Micellar water is a skin care product that is designed for makeup removal, as a means of cleansing and toning the skin. Alcohol is not included in the ingredients for this product, so it does the job without irritating the skin.


What product do you use with an angled brush?

An angled brush is a sharp-edged brush that is helpful with filling browns in, as well as creating the perfect winged liner looks.


How big is an eyeshadow brush supposed to be?

The eyeshadow brush is a small tool used to apply eyeshadow to the eyelids. It helps to blend in various hues of eyeshadow and, alternatively, it can be used to blend highlighter into the brows and cheekbones.


Applied during the evening, as its name suggests, what is the point of night cream?

A night cream is a product applied to the skin that helps to keep it moisturized overnight and improve its texture. It also helps to prevent aging and to tackle skin impurities and imperfections such as dry, oily or acne-prone skin.


A loose product sold by many cosmetics companies, do you know what setting powder does?

Setting powder is used to seal in concealer and other makeup products that have been previously applied. It creates a smooth finish by obscuring any lines, ripples or pores on the face. Setting powder is sold in a loose and compressed form.


A technique that needs to be done with care, can you tell us what tightlining is?

Tightlining is a makeup technique that helps to add definition and thickness to eyelashes. This "invisible eyeliner" technique is done by lining the upper waterline of the eye to create a fuller look. When this method is correctly executed, it should not be obvious that you are wearing eyeliner at all.


Hyaluronic acid may sound like a harsh product, but what does it actually do?

Hyaluronic acid, which is also known as hyaluronan, is a substance that is found in the body, particularly around the eyes. It is used to hydrate the skin and keep it looking moisturized and youthful. This helps the skin to remain supple.


What is a smudger brush supposed to do?

The smudger brush is a small handy tool with a spongy edge that can be used to blend eyeshadow and eyeliner to create a specific look. It is a good asset to have when creating a smoky eye or blending shades of eyeshadow.


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