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By: Lauren Lubas
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The first installment of the "Harry Potter" series by J.K. Rowling took audiences by storm. With the success of the first book, released in 1997, the series took wing and everyone needed to have a piece of it. In 2001, we were given even more of what we love when "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" was released in theaters. For many of us, this was our first encounter with the magical world that a single author created, and we fell in love. We consumed books, read theories online and asked the author specific questions about her series. 

Not only were the stories in the "Harry Potter" series fantastic, but the character development also changed the way we look at fiction. This quiz takes everything back to the beginning with "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" (Or "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone" in the UK). If you think you're a big enough Potterhead to answer all of these questions, you may be a little surprised at what you forgot about the first book and movie. Whether it's been years since you read the books or watched the films, or you refresh every year, take this quiz to test your Potter knowledge and see if you'll get more than a satisfactory on your final score.

Professor McGonagall is a registered animagus. She turns into a gray and black striped cat that has square markings around its eyes that look very much like her spectacles. This surprises Harry and Ron when they are late to their first class.

Hagrid might be part giant, but he also has a very kind heart. When he leaves Harry at the Dursley's, he begins crying. Luckily, Hagrid gets to see Harry again, just about 11 short years later.

Little Whinging is a small town in Surrey where nothing peculiar seems to happen ... and the Dursleys like it that way. A normal life with a normal family is all they want, and Harry Potter messes that up.

We all know that Harry is treated pretty terribly by the Dursleys, so it's no surprise that he has to wear clothes that are several sizes too big, because they are against spending any extra money on him.

We all know what happens when they get to the zoo. In the book, Harry wasn't meant to go to the zoo with the family, but his babysitter backed out, and they were forced to take him ... One of Dudley's friends also goes.

When Dudley learns that he only has 36 presents for his birthday this year, he gets upset, citing the fact that last year he had 37. For this reason, the Dursleys promise to buy him two new presents.

The Burmese python winks at Harry, and Harry realizes that the snake can communicate with him. Of course, we all know that snakes don't have eyelids, so they can't blink, but it's a nice part of this children's story.

When the Dursleys find out that someone has written to Harry, they try to keep the letters away from him. However, Hogwarts as well as the owls they send are persistent, to the point Vernon Dursley goes a little crazy.

When Harry asks if he is also going to Smeltings, his aunt and uncle laugh at him. This is just a simple reminder that Harry's life for the last 11 years has been pure torture. Luckily for him, he got his letter.

While we later learn that Hagrid was expelled from Hogwarts, when we first meet him, we get a little hint to that when he says that he's not supposed to do magic ... strictly speaking.

It really was a scandal and an outrage to tell Harry that his parents died in a different way than they actually did. This is especially heinous, because Harry was meant to feel as though he was different all his life.

In the books, Hagrid tries to turn Dudley into a pig, but his magical power isn't that great. However, he does succeed in giving Dudley a curly pig tail that the Dursleys have to get surgically removed.

Diagon Alley has all of the shops any young witch or wizard needs for school shopping. They can get wands, books, candy and even pets in this area. When Harry first discovers this place, he realizes that he really is a wizard.

Gringotts is the wizarding bank where all witches and wizards keep their money and valuables. It is thought to be impenetrable, but we soon learn that it can be broken into. It's a good thing, too, because Harry needs to do so in a later installment of the series.

It's pretty confusing that Hagrid wouldn't tell Harry that the platform seems a little weird at first. Additionally, shouldn't Harry's ticket or Hogwarts letter come with some form of instructions? We guess he had to meet the Weasleys somehow.

One of the most important pieces of information that we get in the first movie and book is the fact that Harry and Voldemort have wands that are related. This information saves Harry's life in a later book.

Harry decides to name the owl Hedwig. She's a beautiful owl that is very intelligent. Harry needs this owl throughout the first few books, as it is his only means of communication with his friends during the summer holidays.

We know that Hagrid missed out on some of his schooling, but we aren't sure why Hagrid has so much trouble spelling. Perhaps it was his upbringing. We learn a little bit about his mother in the fourth book and movie.

It's pretty cool that wizards don't necessarily have to care about physics. However, any Potterhead will tell you that the platform is always there, there are just enchantments to hide it from the non-magic folks.

While the Weasley twins like to poke fun at their little brother, they are actually very protective and caring people. They gain a bigger role in the later movies and books as comedic foils.

Chocolate frogs have a spell put on them that makes them jump. Harry's jumps out the window. However, he still gets his Dumbledore card. We later learn that the wizards on these cards tend to disappear, leaving us confused as to how the talking images work in this series.

Ron tells Harry that his brothers taught him how to turn his pet rat yellow. Hermione shows up, and demands to watch the magic take place. The spell doesn't work, of course, but it's a nice introduction to the know-it-all friend.

She probably doesn't do it just to show off, but Ron takes it that way. It takes a little bit of time for Ron to warm up to Hermione, but after a few movies and books, he realizes that he is way into her.

One of the best images in the first movie is seeing the first-year students travel up to the castle in boats. It gives a great visual, and shows the wonder that every student feels, whether they were raised by witches or muggles.

Ron laughs at Draco's name, so Draco makes fun of him. We learn in later books and movies that Draco's parents are Death Eaters, but in the end they will do anything to make sure their son is safe.

Everyone seems very nervous when this happens, especially Ron. However, Ron's brothers told him that the sorting ceremony is incredibly painful. Luckily, they were just messing with him.

Harry learns the hard way that you can actually tell the Sorting Hat which house you prefer to be in. Of course, if everyone knew this secret, everyone would probably end up in Gryffindor or Ravenclaw, and there probably wouldn't be a Slytherin anymore.

Madam Hooch doesn't have the largest role in the later movies and books, but she does help Harry learn how to ride a broom. It turns out that Harry is a natural rider when it comes to broomsticks.

Nearly Headless Nick prefers to be called Sir Nicholas. He got his name from a botched execution in which the executioner simply left his head dangling from a piece of skin. Yeah, the HP series has some pretty dark moments.

In the books, the fat lady likes to sing and be really loud. However, the movies have spared us glass shattering high notes, and we are luckier for it. To enter their dorms, students have to give the fat lady a password.

Ron, of course, makes a comment about how old and mean Professor McGonagall is, who has transfigured herself into a cat sitting on her desk. This leads to some points being taken away from the Gryffindor house.

Harry and his friends like to blame Professor Snape for pretty much everything. However, we'd like to think that by the third book, he'd realize that this just isn't true ... but he doesn't. He hates Snape all the way until the end.

Seamus is well known for his ability to turn the simplest spell into something explosive. There are several occasions where he does this. He becomes so good at blowing things up that he is asked to do so when it comes time to defend Hogwarts.

When the smoke in a remembrall turns red, you have forgotten something. However, the remembrall doesn't tell you what you've forgotten, making it pretty useless.

Professor Quirrell tells everyone that there is a troll in the dungeon on Halloween. Dumbledore sends everyone to their dorms. The Slytherin dorms are in the dungeon. No one put this together.

The first golden snitch that Harry catches lands in his mouth. This comes into play much later in the series, as Dumbledore wills it to him. It takes Harry a while to remember how he caught it, though.

What better way to keep a small object safe than to get Cerberus to take care of it? Well, Hagrid's three-headed dog was named Fluffy, but same thing. We learn that if you play music for Fluffy, you can get him to go to sleep.

While Ron is often portrayed as simple, he is actually very intelligent. The character is great at chess and strategizing. He simply needs a little more confidence to give him a boost.

While it is explained better in the books, Professor Quirrell ends up letting The Dark Lord become a parasite on his body. He is jumpy and weird, but you would be too if there was another face on the back of your head.

The three main characters spend much of their time trying to figure out who Nicolas Flamel actually is. As a stroke of luck (and literary pacing), Hermione finds out just in time that he is the creator of the Sorcerer's Stone.

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