Are You a Goddess?

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Goddesses are thought to be mythological and abstract guardians of the Heavens, but have you ever wondered if you might be a goddess? Maybe you've had unexplained events happen to you, or maybe your powers have not fully awakened yet. Even if you don't believe in goddesses, let's play pretend for today. If you were a goddess, what do you think you would be like? What would be some of your personality traits? It's also important to think about what aspect of life you would want to represent as a goddess. For example, would you want to be the goddess of love or the goddess of war? 

There are many goddesses that stem from a variety of mythologies, such as Egyptian, Greek, Roman and Norse. You're probably familiar with some of these goddesses, for instance: Artemis, Athena, Aphrodite, Hera and Nike. That's right, the famous shoe brand Nike is actually based on the goddess of victory. Some goddesses also used their powers for evil deeds, with Adrestia as one of the most famous ones. But the real question today is, are you a human or are you a goddess? And if you are a goddess, what type of goddess would you be? It's time to find out more with this abstract goddess quiz!

If you could control one of these elements, which would you pick?

Which of these Greek goddesses would you love to transform into?

Which of the following represents the key to your soul?

How would you measure someone's beauty?

Would it be more fun to become an evil goddess or a goddess of good deeds?

If you could tame one of these animals as your companion, which one would you pick?

How would you win a war as a goddess?

Which of the following comes to mind when you hear the word "goddess?"

If you were a goddess, where would you live?

If you could become a hybrid of a celestial body, which of these would you choose?

As a goddess who has wings, where would you like to fly to?

Who would be your biggest enemy as a goddess?

Would you tell anyone about your goddess-like powers?

How long would you want to live as a goddess?

Which of these weapons would you want to wield?

How hot or cold would your skin feel as a goddess?

Which of these flowers would adorn your heavenly gown?

If you were a goddess, what kind of beverages would you indulge in?

As a goddess, what era would you want to live in?

Which of these planets would you want to make habitable?

As a goddess with quite a bit of spare time on their hands, what would you do for fun?

How would you want to acquire your powers?

Which of these female heroines represents a goddess to you?

What happens to a goddess after she dies?

What would be your secret superpower as a goddess?

Is being a goddess a blessing or a curse to you?

Do you believe that goddesses actually exist?

How do you react when things don't go your way in life?

Would you ever use your goddess-like abilities to trick someone?

If you needed help as a goddess, who would you turn to?

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