Are You a Good Cat or a Bad Cat?

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According to statistics, there are around 75 million cats in America.  In the world, that number can be anywhere between 200 million and 600 million. Why the wide range? You know cats, they're hard to pin down. Factor in wild cats and all that business in different countries around the world and it's just safe to say there is a heck of a lot of kitties out there. And as anyone who's ever tried to pet a strange cat's belly knows, not all kitties are purrs and cuddles. Sometimes those little furballs can get downright salty with you. Call it a cat's prerogative but for real, some cats just have nothing but attitude. And they need it! They're little, they'd get pushed around if they didn't have sass to spare.

Knowing as we do that some kitties are just much nicer than others, there is but one question we need to address now and that's all about you. What kind of a cat are you, anyway? Are you the curled-up-on-a-lap nice kitty? Or are you the hissing, snarling, don't-mess-with-me kind of a cat? Are you a good cat or a bad cat? Why not grab a plate of tuna and some milk, take the quiz and find out?

You wouldn't ever pretend to be nice to someone when you didn't really like them, would you?

Have you ever been tempted to take a shortcut and maybe cheat on a test in school?

How much do you like to just lay in the sun?

What's the best movie about a cat that you've ever seen?

Would you consider yourself artistic in any way?

How much time do you spend sleeping every day anyway?

What's your favorite way to spend a Sunday when you have nothing to do?

Who is the all-time best cartoon cat?

Cats love to play, how about you? What's your favorite game?

If you couldn't have a cat as a pet, what do you think you'd choose instead?

What's the safest place to pet a strange kitty?

There are a lot of different kinds of cats out there. Do you have a favorite?

A cat needs a good cat name. Pick one!

Why even be a cat if there' no upside? What's the absolute best thing about cats?

When you play do your claws come out?

What's the worst thing about owning a cat?

Do you like it when a cat catches mice and birds or is that gross?

Some cats are feistier than others. Ever been bitten by a cat?

Would you ever buy an outfit for your cat then dress it up and post the pics on Instagram?

Some cats get along really well with others and some don't. What about you? Do you work well with others?

Cats aren't just on film, ya know. Do you have a favorite cat song?

Can a cat be a good substitute for a guard dog ever?

Why don't cats like getting bathed anyway?

What's the point of life anyway?

Cats are known to carry off stuff now and then. You wouldn't ever take anything that didn't belong to you, would you?

Indoor kitty or outdoor kitty?

"Lie like a dog" is a saying, but no one ever says it about cats. Do you lie very often?

It seems like some cats have really good memories. What about you? Do you remember all the important dates like birthdays and anniversaries?

What's your opinion on dogs?

Are you into meat, fish, or veggies?

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