Quiz: Are You a Good Dog or a Bad Dog?
Are You a Good Dog or a Bad Dog?
By: Teresa McGlothlin
Image: Faba-Photography / Moment / Getty Images

About This Quiz

For a few minutes, let's shed your human skin and pretend that you are a dog. Put yourself in your favorite pet's paws and live your day like your next treat depends on it. You might know what you're like as a person, but what are you like as a dog? Good? Bad? Mischevious? 

While we really do not believe that there's such a thing as a good dog or a bad dog, dogs are often judged according to human standards. Once you answer our questions about your doggie behavior, we think we'll know what sort of dog you will be. Not everyone can be considered a good dog, but would you be bad enough to be considered the canine version of a bank robber? 

During our questions, picture yourself living your best four-legged life. Chew on the rawhide of answer possibilities and pick the one that makes you feel like you've just saved Timmy from the well. When we tally up the ways you would wag your tail or tuck it in shame, we'll know if you could stand a little obedience school. 

Good or bad, we know that you'll have an adorable wet nose. Will you choose to keep it to yourself, or will you need to sniff every bum that comes your way? Let's find out!

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The neighbor's dog keeps giving you side-eye – how do you handle it?

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You know you are going to the vet – what are you like?

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There's one steak left sitting on the grill – do you eat it?

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Which of a dog's tricks could you master first?

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What sort of dog treat would be your favorite?

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If you were sent to obedience school, which grade would you get?

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Which of a dog's emotions would you be best at expressing?

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Where would you be in the pack hierarchy of a family?

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If you were told to stay off the furniture, what would you do?

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Your owner comes home with a baby – how do you feel about it?

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