Are You a Good Girlfriend?

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Relationships are easy if you've made all the mistakes already. Idealists can say that an ideal relationship should be all about codependency, but if you go down that road, as soon as either of you changes, the other will feel something is missing. Getting too needy is a quick way to become a relationship nightmare for any partner. It is also important to share interests, passions, and outlooks. 

If politics are your jam, you had better be with someone who sees eye to eye with you, or at least someone with an open mind. If you love fantasy movies, you had better be with a fellow geek or someone patient and understanding of your odd love of orcs. If you are a gym rat, your partner had better love kale, or at least not mind that your average dinner doesn't involve alfredo sauce and a bottle of wine.

Do you know how to throw your partner the perfect party? Can you get on with their families and their friends? There are so many variables in a relationship that sorting out how it all comes together would take a lengthy survey and an elaborate system to analyze all that date. The good news is that you are in luck because this quiz is exactly that.

Would you trust them with the password to your phone?

Did you hesitate to agree to be exclusive?

Who initiates most of your calls?

If you were going away for a while, would you let them stay in your place?

Have you ever made each other laugh without even speaking, perhaps just by looking at each other intently or doing silly faces?

How often can you order for them in a restaurant and be sure you will pick something they'll like?

How many nicknames do you have for them?

Do you often know what they are thinking without them telling you?

If they asked you for the truth about whether they had gained weight, and they had, would you give it?

What's the longest you can go without speaking?

Do you know the details about their finances?

Would you trust them to look after your dog?

If they failed to return their bestie's call, would that friend call you before anyone else?

Do you have a key to their place?

Do their neighbors know who you are?

Do you know how they take their tea or coffee?

When you miss them, does it ever actually physically hurt?

Do you have an agreed definition of cheating that you both commit not to transgress?

Do you brag about them a lot?

If you broke a prized possession of theirs, would you confess?

If they ask you if something is wrong, and something is indeed wrong, do you tell them what it is?

Are you in it for the long haul?

Does your boo know any of your secrets?

If you're mad, how much effort do you make to say it nicely, at least once?

If someone in their family did a bad thing, would you feel safe enough in the relationship to mention to your partner that you thought it wasn't OK?

Who said "I love you" first?

Are you able to just be quietly together and not talk, but it just feels good?

If you met someone else and really clicked, would you ever indulge in a little flirting, even if you knew it wouldn't go further than that?

Would you ever lend them money?

Have you ever dropped everything to get to them in an emergency?

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