Are You a Good Match for the Military, Based on Your Myers-Briggs Personality?

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About This Quiz

You can have the best tactical skills and best marksmanship skills on the squad, but not having the right personality for the military could be a disaster. Thankfully, we are experts on Myers-Briggs personality types, and we can let you know if you're cut from the right cloth. All you need to do is march through the trenches of our questions! 

With 16 distinct personality types, the Myers-Briggs scale can tell you if you are more introverted, extroverted, feeling or perceptive. You might not think these are valuable traits for those that serve in the military, but they are more important than all the training that takes place at boot camp. If you're not the right fit, you can rest assured that your personality is made for something even bigger than the Navy's fleet of ships. 

As we go through our questions, our job is to figure out which type of Myers-Briggs personality you have. Once we've accomplished that mission, we'll need to get to know what makes you think you are a good fit for the service. When you read our questions, do not take them lightly. Your future career is on the line -- or is it? After this quiz, you'll know! 

Do you tend to hold back your thoughts or say what's on your mind?

How do you react when your boss gives you an order?

Which Myers-Briggs type do you think you have most in common with?

If you were tested, what score would you get on a self-discipline scale?

Which branch of the military do you think is most honorable and courageous?

How often do you head to the range to practice your marksmanship skills?

Which type of military vehicle could you see yourself steering?

Do you hold yourself to high physical standards?

Which one of these MREs could you eat every night for a week?

What do you think would be hardest about boot camp?

How would your current coworkers describe you at work?

If you woke up stranded in the desert, what is the first thing you would do?

Are you rough and rowdy or proud and humble?

When the going gets tough, what do you do?

Which military rank do you expect that you could earn?

Out of these former U.S. presidents, which one do you respect the most?

Could you handle a job at the local police department?

Have you ever visited a military recruiting office?

Which one of these military movies could you watch on repeat?

How many pull-ups do you think you could do on the bar?

When you go camping, what do you do around the campfire?

Which one of these things do you trust the most?

Are you willing to travel abroad during your military career?

Which military issue weapon is more your style?

Can you sing all the words to "The Star-Spangled Banner?"

In your opinion, which political issue is most pressing?

Which region of the U.S. fits your personality best?

Are you the biggest patriot in your circle of friends?

Are you responsible enough to make your bed every morning?

In one word, what are you hoping to get out of your military career?

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