Are You a Land, Sea or Sky Animal?

Amanda Monell

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Have you found Nemo? How about Dory? If you have, we're betting you're a fan of almost everything Disney. And if there's one thing Disney knows how to do is to give human expressions and emotion to animals. In addition to that, they will oftentimes make these critters characters sometimes with their own stories to tell. When these animals are sidekicks like Flounder, Scuttle and Sebastian in "The Little Mermaid," they will often add a little something to the film, mostly a dash of silliness when the story is lacking. When animals are the main characters in a Disney film, it is rather easy to fall in love with their cute little faces and root for them to come out on top. Sure, they may end up causing a few tears to be shed (we're looking at you, "Bambi"), but when it comes down to it, these tales often attract more viewers than those with humans.

So what about you? When you settle in and watch a Disney movie do you identify more with the animals in the film than their human costars? OK, we'll admit it, we do. It's probably because you have the heart of an animal inside. But the question is where does your animal thrive? Go ahead and scroll down to find out.

Checking the thermostat, you see it is a bazillion degrees outside. What drink do you have to cool off?

Which of these mythical creatures do you identify with?

It's a super blustery day and you've decided to fly a kite. What style of kite would you fly?

Ahh! A water fight has started around you! What's your weapon of choice?

How are your hopscotch skills?

A carnival has come to your town for the holidays. What game is your favorite?

Your school is looking to get some money for a new piece of sports equipment. Which fundraising activity would you participate in?

Being a daredevil means taking risks in the sea, sky or land. Which of these activities wouldn't you mind doing?

If you were to go out with your boo for a dinner and a movie date, what kind of restaurant would you want to visit?

Most pets are land-loving creatures. What animal would you like to have as a companion?

Which Disney sidekick is your favorite?

The Seven Wonders of the World are ... well, wondrous. If you could, what one would you want to visit?

Would your travel companions consider you a good flier?

You're stuck in the waiting room at a dentist's office. What do you find yourself doing?

If we were to take a look at your Insta feed, what would we see?

What would you do if you missed out on a promotion that you were sure you had?

In the middle of watching one of your favorite sports, you realize that the ref is blind. What do you do?

When you go to the grocery store, what aisle do you head toward first?

Grab some change, the ice cream truck is coming! What frozen treat are you going to eat?

Would you consider yourself an early bird or a night owl?

Let's face it, coffee is the nectar of the gods. How do you drink yours?

Which of these natural disasters are the most terrifying?

It's the middle of the night and you hear some creepy noises, what do you do?

Do you think you have a good singing voice?

Warm up your controllers, you're going to pwn us in a video game? What game would you love to play?

You catch your bestie flirting with your bae. What do you do?

Would you ever run a marathon?

Oh no! You're trapped on a deserted island. What is the one thing that you're happy to have with you?

What type of shoe do you find to be the most comfortable?

What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

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