Are You a Mac or a PC?

Brian Whitney

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Ford or Chevy? Red Sox or Yankees? Democrat or Republican? These are divisive times. These days, people have a lot of differences with each other whether they be politically, socially or culturally, but is there really any bigger difference than the choice between Mac and PC? 

If you like a PC and someone tries to explain to you that a Mac is better, all that is going to do is start a fight. And if you're a Mac fan, you don't even want to think about listening to someone tell you how cool a PC is, because you know better. The battle between Mac and PC has been going on for a long time and shows no sign of stopping.

What about you? Are you a Mac or a PC? We aren't asking you what you own or prefer; we want to know which one your personality connects with the most. Are you a minimalist? Are you artsy? Are you frugal? Are you a liberal or a conservative? Do you live in the city or in the country? Are you a gamer? All of these things have a lot to do with whether you're a Mac or a PC. Take this quiz and find out.

Which president do you most wish was still in office?

When you buy a car, do you always get the warranty with it?

It's time to move, which one of these is your dream home?

How much time do you spend checking things out on Pinterest?

Do you think that marriage is truly something that should last forever?

Age is just a number, how old do you feel most of the time?

Has anyone ever called you a hipster before?

Time to hit the road, what sounds most fun to drive?

You're heading out for the day, what do you wear for shoes?

What kind of music are you most likely to crank up really loud?

It's almost barbecue season, how often do you eat meat?

Which of these drinks sounds the best on a hot day?

You just sat down to lunch, what do you order?

When was the last time that you stayed up all night for no reason?

If you could choose right now, how many kids would you have over your lifetime?

What's most important to you when it comes to where you live?

How many pieces of original artwork do you own?

It's a Friday night and you're out on the town, where are you going?

You just entered a party, do you want everyone to notice you?

How important is it to get a higher degree?

You can go to any one of these places for free for a week, where do you choose to go?

If you could play any of the following sports professionally, which would it be?

Your doorbell just rang at 7 p.m., what are you thinking?

You're in college, which class would you rather take?

What word comes closest to how you would describe your personal style?

You're killing time in the airport reading a book, what type would you choose?

Which fast food place sounds the best for a late night snack?

Someone you know starts talking about technology, how do you react?

You're chilling out for the night, what are you going to watch on TV?

Which of these movies would you take a date to?

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