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Based on the 1970 novel of the same name, the "M*A*S*H" characters stole everyone's hearts with their dark humor about war and compassion. See how much you remember about this groundbreaking sitcom with our "M*A*S*H" quiz!

How long did M*A*S*H run?

What does "M*A*S*H" stand for?

Who was the first commanding officer?

Who was the original company clerk?

Radar had a borderline super power. What was it?

Though it was an ensemble show, there was definitely a star. Who was it?

Only one woman was a regular on the series. Who was she?

When McLean Stevenson (Henry Blake) left the show, how was he written out?

"M*A*S*H" was an ensemble show and, much like a real military conflict, characters came and went. How many stayed for the entire run?

Several episodes are framed as letters that Hawkeye writes home. To whom is he writing?

Cpl. Max Klinger, a regular for the entire show, was so desperate for a discharge that he did what most of the time -- though he stopped during the later seasons?

Who took over as the permanent commanding officer following Henry's death?

Who were the original roommates in the swamp?

When Trapper, Hawkeye's best friend, leaves, who replaces him?

How did Trapper leave?

Self-righteous, poor surgeon, gung-ho about the war -- these all describe which character?

Frank may have been a stickler for the rules, but he was breaking this biggie on a regular basis. What is it?

War meant a lot of rotations of personnel, so it seemed natural in the course of the show for people to come and go. When Frank leaves, who replaces him?

When did "M*A*S*H" debut?

Was "M*A*S*H" a comedy or a drama?

Who was Capt. Tuttle?

What was Frank Burns nickname?

Which two main characters got married (not to each other) during the show?

Which two actors actually served in Korea?

True or False: The show had a laugh track.

What does the BJ stand for in Hunnicutt's name?

Who was the only series regular who wasn't replaced after leaving the show?

The final episode has everyone leaving when the war is over. Which character stays behind in Korea?

What was the name of the final episode?

The final episode held the record for most-watched broadcast for years. What knocked it out of position?

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