Are you a Pokemon Go master? Quiz

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Are you a Pokemon Go master? Quiz
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Whether you're wandering the streets with your phone or marveling at the mobs that turned out for the beta launch, you've certainly heard of the groundbreaking hybrid-reality game. How much do you know about the game and its players?
Which Pokemon appears when a player logs into the game for the first time?
All of the above
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The three starter Pokemon for Pokemon Go are the same starter Pokemon used in the first generation of Pokemon games. Players can choose between the water type, fire type, or grass type starters.

Some players discovered that ignoring the three starter Pokemon leads to a fourth option. Which Pokemon will appear as an alternative?
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In the original Pokemon series, Ash came too late to get a normal starter Pokemon, so he chooses Pikachu instead. Players who walk away from the traditional starters get a chance to catch fan-favorite Pikachu!

Where is the only place a lure can be used?
next to another lure
a gym
a Pokestop
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Lures can only be used at Pokestops. Once active, a lure will last for 30 minutes.


What is the significance of the ring surrounding a Pokemon in the wild?
a Pokemon with a ring can't be captured
a Pokemon with a ring is about to join a gym
a Pokemon with a ring has candy
the color of the ring helps predict how easily the Pokemon can be caught
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The ring surrounding a Pokemon is green if it's easy to catch, yellow if it's somewhat harder to catch, and red if it's really hard to catch. Rings can be subtle shades in between the three main colors, as well.

Why did Niantic change the game's loading screen to remind users to remain aware of their surroundings?
People were walking off cliffs playing the game.
People were playing while driving & getting into accidents.
People were absent-mindedly walking into dark alleys and getting robbed.
All of the above.
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The game release caused a number of unfortunate incidents, including several known cases of walking off the edge of a cliff. Criminals also took advantage of the situation, stealing phones and setting up traps with in-game features to lure unwitting victims.

In the game's first loading screen, which water Pokemon was poised to attack the hapless player on the docks?
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The loading screen, featuring a reminder for players to be aware of their surroundings, used to feature an enraged Gyarados. During the Halloween event, this was changed to a creepy Gengar.


What can players no longer do while riding in a car?
catch Pokemon
spin Pokestops
make purchases in the in-game store
change their avatar's outfit
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In an effort to reduce accidents caused by playing the game while driving, Niantic changed the rules for spinning Pokestops. They can only be visited when players are stopped or traveling at very low speeds (often 10 mph and under).

What do Pokestops do?
Give the trainer refreshments.
Enable store purchases.
Let trainers battle each other.
Resupply items like pokeballs and potions.
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In the game, Pokestops serve a vital role in replenishing the player's items and occasionally giving them eggs to hatch. Areas with a high number of Pokestops regularly attract players.

Which of the following cannot be collected from a Pokestop?
Sun stones
Razz Berries
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A Pokestop can drop any kind of Pokeball (including Ultraballs and Greatballs), all the different available berries, any kind of potion, and the second-generation evolution items. Pokecoins, however, must be purchased or earned.


How can you earn Pokecoins in-game?
You can't, you have to buy them.
You rank up a medal to gold tier.
You put a Pokemon in a gym as a defender.
You collect them for every rare Pokemon you catch.
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Players who place a Pokemon in a gym can immediately collect 10 Pokecoins, but then they have to wait 21 hours before collecting again. Having more than one gym defender means more coins when you collect.

What is the maximum number of Pokecoins players can earn from gyms?
2 per day
10 per day
100 per day
There's no max.
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Players can collect 10 coins per gym for up to 10 gyms they're defending each day, if they have the time and talent to hold that many gyms simultaneously!

What color is a 10km egg?
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10km eggs take the most amount of work, and most often give players single-evolution Pokemon or other powerful Pokemon. For example, Lapras and Chansey can both hatch from 10km eggs.


How long does a player have to walk to hatch a Charmander, Cleffa or Weedle?
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All these Pokemon can be hatched with a 2km egg. Eggs are hatched based on the distance you've walked or biked since putting the egg in an incubator.

How many times can you use a blue egg incubator?
three times
twenty times
infinitely many times
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Blue incubators break after three uses; the orange incubator never breaks. Players can buy more blue incubators in the store with Pokecoins or occasionally get them from Pokestops during special events.

Which of the following is not a team new players can join?
Team Mystic
Team Hope
Team Instinct
Team Valor
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The three teams players can choose to join are Mystic (blue theme), Instinct (yellow) and Valor (red). Once you've chosen a team, you aren't allowed to switch allegiance!


If you're a Team Mystic player who comes across a gym controlled by Team Instinct, which of the following can you not do?
Fight the gym to claim it for Team Mystic.
Train your Pokemon at the gym.
Ignore the gym and go somewhere else.
Stay by the gym to catch Pokemon that spawn nearby.
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Players can only train Pokemon at a friendly gym; in other words, you can only have a friendly battle with Pokemon whose trainers are on your team.

What does training at a gym do?
It makes your Pokemon stronger.
It makes the gym's Pokemon stronger.
It increases the level of the gym, to a cap of 10 levels.
Absolutely nothing.
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Training at a gym causes the gym's level to increase. Each time the gym levels up, a spot opens for someone on your team to place an extra Pokemon. A level ten gym can have ten Pokemon defending it!

What is the best kind of attack to use against a Gyarados?
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Lightning attacks are by far the best types of attacks to use against a Gyarados, since they are 400% effective! Gyarados is both a water and flying type Pokemon, so it's doubly susceptible to lightning.


How do you evolve a Pokemon?
By collecting a certain amount of that Pokemon's candy.
By fighting in gyms with that Pokemon.
By having it a certain amount of time.
By taking it on walks with you.
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Pokemon Go requires you to use candy to evolve Pokemon. Once you have enough of a Pokemon's candy, you can evolve it to a new form (assuming it's capable of evolving).

What is the benefit of transferring your Pokemon to the Professor?
You free up space in your bag.
You get a candy for each transfer you make.
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As you catch duplicates of a Pokemon, you can trade in your extras to free up space in your bag and to get extra candy. Normally, each catch nets you three candy; if you transfer that Pokemon, that goes up to a total of four!

What is a lucky egg?
An egg guaranteed to hatch a rare Pokemon.
An egg that requires less than normal time to walk.
An egg that's filled with awesome trainer items, like hyper potions.
A timed experience ("XP") boost.
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A "lucky egg" can be used to increase the experience you earn for the next thirty minutes. Trainers will often use a lucky egg by a Pokestop and "mass evolve" their Pokemon to level up more quickly.


What nickname would you use to evolve an Eevee into a Jolteon?
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Niantic added a fun feature into the game, allowing you to choose one Eevee that will definitely become a Jolteon when evolved! By manually changing the Eevee's name to Sparky, then evolving, you'll get the popular electric Pokemon.

What do Pokemon Go players call an informal event during which they get together and set up multiple lures in one place?
a bish-bash
a lure party
A Pokegang
A catch'em
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Players in many cities host "lure parties," during which the players commit to keeping the Pokestops lured for a certain amount of time. Lures attract more Pokemon, as does the cell activity from large gatherings, so it's a popular method for catching Pokemon.

What is it called when players designate a Pokemon to walk with them and earn extra candy?
a "buddy" Pokemon
a "friendship link"
a "chum"
a "pal"
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Buddy Pokemon can walk alongside their trainers in-game and earn candy based on how far they've walked. Rare Pokemon take a long time to earn candy, while more common Pokemon take less.


How can players get Pikachu to sit on their avatar's shoulder?
Catch 100 Pikachus.
Use Pikachu to battle in a gym 20 times.
Walk for 10km with Pikachu as the "buddy" Pokemon.
It's a game glitch that only some people have.
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Trainers who want the honor of having Pikachu sit on their avatar's shoulder can designate Pikachu as their buddy and walk a minimum of ten km. If they do, they'll keep Pikachu on their shoulder as long as Pikachu is still their "buddy" Pokemon.

What fearsome creature does Dratini eventually evolve into?
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The reclusive water-loving Pokemon frequently spawns near lakes. It evolves into Dragonair, then eventually evolves into Dragonite, a powerhouse with lots of damage and defense.

How many Magikarp do you have to catch in order to make a Gyarados?
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You'll need to catch 100 Magikarp to earn 400 candy, assuming you transfer all of them. Then, you'll need another Magikarp to turn into Gyarados! So far, evolving Magikarp into Gyarados requires the most candy in the game.


What do you have to do in order to get the golden "Punk Girl" medal?
Fight in 100 gym battles.
Capture 200 poison Pokemon.
Walk over 1,000 km.
Change your avatar's outfit 50 times.
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Each badge, or "medal," has a bronze, silver and gold level. While the name of the "Punk Girl" badge is to be wondered at, completing is fairly straightforward: just catch all the poison-type Pokemon you can find!

What's useful about many of the Pokemon medals?
You can cash them in for Pokecoins.
You earn gym prestige more quickly.
You get bonuses to help with catching specific kinds of Pokemon.
Completing them unlocks special features for your team.
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Completing a wind badge, for example, will make it easier for you to catch more wind-type Pokemon in the future. The best bonuses come from gold-level medals, and if a Pokemon has more than one type, your bonuses stack.

Which path will earn you the most distance in the game?
A straight-line 1km walk
A circular 1km trail
A serpentine, 1km woodland path
Walking back and forth in .25km increments for 1km total
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The game's GPS tracking uses a "connect-the-dots" approach, which samples your position every few minutes and counts the distance between the dots. If you back-track or travel in too tight of a circle, you won't earn as much credit for the distance you walked!


What can cause the game not to record distance traveled on eggs?
Moving too quickly (such as driving in a car)
Taking the egg out of the incubator
Selecting the game's "silent" mode
Pairing the red jacket with blue shoes on your avatar
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The game tries to prevent trainers from earning distance on eggs from anything except walking by putting a speed cap on the eggs. If you move too quickly, you won't be able to hatch eggs. Biking slowly and walking are the only guaranteed ways of hatching an egg.

What is a Pokemon nest?
The birthplace of that Pokemon.
A place teeming with all kinds of Pokemon.
A place that spawns one type of Pokemon at a higher rate.
The space immediately surrounding a Pokestop.
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Nests are places that spawn a specific type of Pokemon for some amount of time; the type of Pokemon changes whenever Niantic "rotates" the nest. Nests are especially common at public parks.

Which of the following will NOT increase your chances of catching Pikachu?
Going out during a thunderstorm.
Leveling up your "Rocker" badge
Throwing a curveball.
Feeding it razz berries.
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When Pokemon Go launched, there was a rumor that hunting Pokemon during a thunderstorm would improve your chances of catching Pikachu. Incidentally, riding a bike during a thunderstorm is a terrible idea.


Which of the following expressions indicates your Pokemon is in the top IV (Individual Value) range?
Overall, your (Pokemon Name) simply amazes me. It can accomplish anything!
Overall, your (Pokemon Name) looks like it can really battle with the best of them!
Overall, your (Pokemon Name) is a wonder! What a breathtaking Pokemon!
All of the above
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Each trainer (Candela, Spark and Blanche) has a slightly different way of saying it, but if you see any one of those phrases, your Pokemon is in great condition!

How does a Pokemon's size affect its gym play?
Smaller Pokemon dodge more quickly.
Larger Pokemon have more health.
Heavier Pokemon have better stats.
It's all speculation; Niantic hasn't confirmed or denied rumors.
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While many trainers swear by certain fan theories, there's been no official confirmation or rejection of those theories. For now, Pokemon's sizes vary greatly; you can learn how normal (or abnormal) their sizes are during appraisals.

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