Are You a Siren or a Mermaid?

By: Zoe Samuel
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Are You a Siren or a Mermaid?
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About This Quiz

During this quiz, we'll examine the things you have in common with the mythological Siren or the alluring Mermaid. Both Sirens and Mermaids were said to help sailors in times of trouble. Since you are such a helpful soul, we think it will be a real treat to find out which one you are most like! 

Have you ever heard that you have the voice of an angel or that you swim like a fish? Sure, those things are fundamental when deciding whether you are a Siren or a Mermaid. However, it's your inner traits that we would like to examine. 

Tell us about your thoughts, your lifestyle, and the things that comprise your personality. Once we get a good sense of your inner light, it will be fairly easy to differentiate your Mermaid traits from your Siren traits! All you have to do is fill us in on the way you have lived your life!

Make sure you have a drink before you get started! Sirens need to stay hydrated to sing so well, and Mermaids must have water to survive. Your answers will tell us everything we need to know to decide which one you really are! 

How's your singing voice?
What do you think of the Good Samaritan?
What a chump
I get it, but I don't think he needed to be THAT helpful
Nice guy, but probably easily scammed
Great guy
Scales or feathers?
Mostly feathers
Mostly scales


How's your swimming?
OK, but I'd rather watch
Very good
I'm a natural
How do you like to travel?
Cruise liner
You see a hot guy. How do you get him to come over?
I summon him with a single jerk of my head.
I ask him to.
I hover nearby and hope he notices me.
I wouldn't dare try!


How petty are you?
I can be really petty.
Sometimes, but I try to rein it in.
Only occasionally
Not at all. I'm nice to a fault.
What's your ideal home?
Castle overlooking a rocky promontory
Cottage by the sea
Unda da sea!
Who's your role model?
Persephone. She went for what she wanted.
Thelxiepeia. I can even pronounce it.
Thessalonike, sister of Alexander the Great
Ariel. You know her.


Would you ever change yourself for a man?
No, but I might let a good man inspire me to change.
Yes, but I would hope he would change for me, too.
Do you ever hurt people just for funsies?
All the time. My friends and I bond over it.
Yes, but I feel really bad.
No, but sometimes I laugh when I see bad things happen.
I would never!
What's the best way to sail through a whirlpool?
Head straight for the center, go around twice, and use the speed of the water to slingshot out.
Make a bold dash and try to row through with brute force.
Try to go around the edge and hope for the best.
Avoid it completely. Whatever's on the other side can't be that great.


Are you a good negotiator?
I always get what I want.
I compromise, but never on the main point.
I tend to get one or two concessions.
I usually give away the farm.
What's the ideal weather?
Calm seas. It makes it harder for sailors to explain a wreck.
A little wind to drive people toward me.
A good storm can be fun once in a while.
Very rough waters are a good way to meet men.
What's your ideal man?
No such thing
A nice guy who doesn't let me walk all over him; I'm very dominant.
A cuddly fellow who loves dogs
A handsome prince! Personality optional.


Who's your best friend?
My sister
My work friend
My college friend
My BFF from childhood
Do you talk to strangers?
Sure - I like to mess with them.
I only talk to them if I want something from them.
I avoid them.
I'm very friendly and can start a conversation with anyone.
Do you trust too easily?
Ha. No.
I've been taken in once or twice.
More than I care to admit.
Yep. I get burned all the time.


How's your relationship with your father?
Friendly and strong; a meeting of independent minds
Very loving, but he can be overbearing,
Do you believe you have a soul?
I don't care.
I don't know, but I hope so.
I think so, yes.
I believe I'll earn one if I'm good.

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