Are You a True Firearms Expert?

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So many guns, so little time. Think you have what it takes to be a firearms expert? Take a shot at this quiz and see if you have what it takes to go the distance!

Which firearm became especially popular with Prohibition-era gangsters?

What do you call the spiral grooves cut into the bore of a gun?

A dedicated sniper would most likely use which type of a firearm?

What is James Bond's pistol manufacturer of choice?

Which submachine gun is nicknamed the Chicago Typewriter?

Where was the first gunpowder weapon developed?

Which weapon was known as the Peacemaker?

Which pistol did John Browning design to accept the .45-caliber cartridge, which was developed first in 1904?

Which weapon was hailed by Gen. Patton as "the greatest battle implement ever devised?"

Which 9 mm submachine gun was developed for the Israeli army?

Which is the most popular weapon on the planet, with more than 75 million made since the 1940s?

Which firearm can rightfully be called the first assault rifle?

What does the "AR" stand for in the popular AR-15 civilian rifle?

Which conflict saw the first widespread use of the M16 assault rifle?

When someone thinks "shotgun," which is the firearm the person most likely imagines?

If you were an 18th-century coachman, which weapon would you likely carry to repel highway bandits?

Which handgun did Dirty Harry make famous?

Which self-loading pistol established the parabellum round as the world standard?

Which of the following best describes the sequence of events that occur when the trigger of a semi-automatic weapon is pulled?

Which firearm, used during the Civil War, fired the .58-caliber Minié bullet?

Which semi-automatic weapon with a large-capacity magazine became infamous after appearing in surveillance footage of the Columbine massacre?

What famous firearm was found propped against a tree in Nevada in 2015?

Which weapon did the Australian Army use to fight against emus?

Which was the first gun made mostly from plastic?

Which of these innovations did Samuel Colt bring to the world of weapons production?

If you lived in 13th-century China, your weapon of choice was probably:

Those pistols at dawn were probably:

An 1835 attempt to assassinate President Andrew Jackson with two derringers failed because:

Speaking of Davy Crockett, what kind of weapon was named after him in the 1950s?

A 1975 attempt to assassinate President Gerald Ford with a Colt .45 failed because:

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