Are You a True Pennsylvanian?

Steven Miller

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If you can name the place where Wilt Chamberlain scored his 100-points in a game, and you know what a shoofly pie is, there's a good chance you might be a true Pennsylvanian.

Have you ever had a Tastykake?

Have you ever lived in a house that could still be heated by coal?

What is your reaction when you hear the name of the town, Intercourse?

Where do you do the bulk of your grocery shopping?

Have you ever been to Hess's in downtown Allentown around Christmas time?

What does "King of Prussia" make you think of?

Which baseball team do you cheer for?

Have you ever shopped at the original outlets in Reading?

Is it "going down the shore" or "going to the beach"?

Do you know what it means to "red things up"?

Have you ever bought liquor from someone who was behind a cage?

How big of a fan of Punxsutawney Phil are you?

How do you say the name of the place where you're from?

How good are you at navigating through potholes?

How many Philly Cheesesteaks have you eaten in your life?

When did you learn the difference between UPenn and Penn State?

How much Hershey's Chocolate do you eat in a year?

How do you feel about snow days?

Do Eagles fans take things too far?

Have you ever been to a wedding reception in a fire hall?

Where is the whoopie pie native to?

Have you ever crossed state lines to buy fireworks?

How many days do you take off for Thanksgiving?

Have you been to a wedding that had a cookie table?

Which second-person plural do you use the most?

Would you consider yourself to be a history buff?

Have you ever bought wine or liquor from the grocery store?

What do you call a small line of flowing water?

Which brand of potato chips are your favorite?

Is birch beer a kind of root beer?

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