Are You a Unicorn or a Pegasus, Based on Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type?

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About This Quiz

Mythic horses exist in every culture that had contact with the real-world animal. The ancient Greeks included the Pegasus among the mythic animals who served the ancient heroes. Pegasus wasn't a type of mythic horse, but the proper name of a specific mythic winged stallion who allied himself with Perseus. He is part of a race of winged horses called pterippus, though he has close family who, weirdly, are humanoid in shape, like the giant Geryon and the demigod Chrysaor, who was born after his mother, Medusa, was decapitated. Pegasus was the son of the god of the seas and of earthquakes, Poseidon, making him not just a winged magic horse, but a kind of demigod. Pegasus was seen as the embodiment of just power, since he was embraced by poets in the Middle Ages.

Unicorns, on the other hand, are not winged but do have magic horns, and (generally) are invulnerable to most. Often used as a symbol for the nature of traditional masculinity, their horns are said to have magic properties that vary culture to culture. 

Strangely, despite both magical horses' associations with masculinity, neither seem to be used very often as masculine symbols in the 21st century, but who knows? Things change quickly these days. So are you more unicorn or Pegasus? It's time to find out, with the Myers-Briggs Personality Test!

When you're approached by a friend in trouble, would you be more likely to offer solutions or just a shoulder to cry on?

How quickly can your mood shift?

Do you favor your heart or your head when it comes to making major life decisions?

How often is the truth more important than others' feelings?

How difficult would it be to fire a friend who worked for you but did a bad job?

How much do you envy others?

Would you rather stay home and chill out, or go see other people at a party?

Do you like dressing up to go out?

You've stepped on a stranger's foot in public, but they don't react. What do you do?

How often do you take control when out with friends?

How often do try to respond to your emails?

Which is better: to be loved or to be feared?

How often do you initiate conversations?

How much do you procrastinate?

How much of the time do you feel superior to others?

Which do you rely on more, your creativity or your hard-earned experience?

How energetic are you, usually?

Do you feel planning is an important element of any project?

Do you consider yourself a dreamer?

Do you think of yourself as emotionally stable?

Does being with others energize you?

How clean do you keep your home/den/etc.?

Should you be respectful of people, even if they are spewing lies?

Would you say you are more creative or more practical?

How difficult do you find it to follow a timetable?

How often do you misplace things?

Which do you value more, having a set plan or not being tied down by commitments?

How often do you get so lost in thoughts that you ignore your surroundings?

Are you in control of your emotions, or are they in control of you?

Would you rather come up with a comprehensive plan or wing it?

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