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Walt Disney created his park with a vision in mind. He wanted to create an incredible place that immersed you in all things Disney. He succeeded, although he only had a chance to see his first park, Disneyland open. Today, we get to enjoy the wondrous world of Disney that Walt envisioned, and you don't have to be in the United States to experience it either! There are different resorts all around the world to visit, and each can give you a unique experience.

If you know the rides, the secrets, and the protocols, then you're almost set to ace this quiz. You'll need to know all of the areas and even some fun facts to show your Disney expertise. Don't forget to bring your knowledge of the beloved characters and movies with you, as they always play one of the most critical roles in the parks. Many people love to visit the Disney parks to meet their favorite characters, or at least catch a glimpse of them!

So, you think you know all there is to know about Disney parks? You'll have to prove you know more than just Mickey. Then let's get ready to test all of the knowledge by taking this quiz!

When visiting Disney World, you can hitch a ride on what?

The Disney bus service is perfect for visitors to the park or anyone staying on the resort. The resort is more than 24 thousand acres meaning it can take you quite a long time to see everything that you want to see. The bus can help you do that!


You'll find the silhouette of who all over the theme parks?

Mickey Mouse is arguably the most iconic of all of Walt Disney's characters. That's why many make a game out of finding all of the Mickey Mouse silhouettes hidden throughout the theme parks. Nothing says Disney like Mickey does!


Disney's Animal Kingdom opened much later than the original Disney World. When did it open?

Disney World opened in 1971, but the Animal Kingdom did not open until over 20 years later. The kingdom is quite an incredible place to visit; you can even check out the boneyard if you want to!


What ride snaps a photo of you at a certain point?

Many rides provide you with a photo after riding the coaster, but Splash Mountain is one of the most famous. These photo memories were put in place so that guests could share the fun with their friends and family.


This takes place at Cinderella's castle after the fireworks show. What is it?

Everyone knows about the fireworks show at Cinderella's castle, but not many know about the final show. "The Kiss Goodnight" is Disney's way of thanking you and sending you off for the night.


Where is Disney World located?

While many believe that Disney World is located in Orlando Florida, in more technical terms, Disney World is found in Bay Lake Florida. Bay Lake is a city that is managed by Disney itself!


Which item is lost frequently at Disney World?

An estimated 200 sunglasses are lost in Disney Parks every day. That is to be expected when there are over 50 thousand visitors in the park each day and you're located in the sunny area of Florida!


You can find this while standing in line for the Haunted Mansion at Disney World. What is it?

The Haunted Mansion is home to a bride who haunts the castle. Disney fans decided to call this the ring of the bride in the castle which is embedded into the concrete outside the ride.


What can you catch a glimpse of at Disney parks?

You can find feral cats all around Disneyland. You may be wondering why Disney would have feral cats, and the answer is to rid the park of pests. The park does their part in taking care of the cats as well!


Get ready to scream! Which ride uses artificial screams to scare you?

You can expect to be scared on the Tower of Terror, just listen to the name! While many of the screams coming from the ride may be real, Disney wanted to give you that extra little scare, placing recorded screams in the ride as well.


Whose castle can you find at Disneyland?

Sleeping Beauty's castle is located in Disneyland. It's a beautiful sight and staple of the park, as well as a great place to immerse yourself in everything Sleeping Beauty. There are many sights and sounds from the movie to experience!


You'll need good eyes to know this one. What is unique about the flags that line Main Street?

The American flags that you'll find throughout Disney parks are pretty unique. They're missing one of the stars or one of the stripes, which make them fakes of the real American flag. The reason for this is to avoid strict laws concerning the American flag.


Disney is worldwide! Which other country is home to a Disney Resort?

There are a few Disney resorts that are located outside of the United States. Did you know that the resort in Japan was the first Disney Park to be built outside of the United States? It gives everyone around the world a chance to experience the magic!


Which ride is the fastest in any Disney theme park?

Test Track can reach speeds of over 60 miles per hour. There is only one other ride with such a top speed, which is the slide of Summit Plummet. You'll need to have a need for speed to ride these attractions!


What will you never see a Disney cast member do?

Pointing may seem harmless if you're in the United States, but in other cultures, it can be quite insulting. This is why cast members use two fingers instead to direct you where you want to go.


There are so many hidden secrets! What is at the top of Matterhorn?

The Matterhorn is pretty tall, so you might not have seen this unique feature. The basketball court was built to allow cast members to unwind after making a climb up the large structure.


What is the phrase under the name tag of a cast member in training?

If you've ever visited the Disney theme parks, you have probably caught a glimpse of the cast members name tags. Those who are being trained have something a little extra underneath that says "earning my ears", which they quite literally earn. Mickey Mouse ears are for everyone!


Is it true or false that the parking lots have names?

This is true. Many people know that the parking lots are named after heroes and villains in the Disney franchises, but did you know that they were once named after the seven dwarfs? Maybe you could catch some well-needed sleep in the Sleepy parking lot.


Walt wanted to be comfortable when staying at the park. What was built in Cinderella's castle for Walt Disney?

Hidden inside the Cinderella castle, is a special apartment built especially for Walt Disney and his family. Only a few lucky families ever get the chance to see it though. The only way you can ever score a night in this truly enchanted room is by winning a contest.


Disney has its own unique scent. What can you smell on Main Street?

One famous fact about the Disney theme parks is the scent that is used in order to make the experience that much more real. A nice walk down Main Street may leave you looking for some delicious cake, but it's just coming from the scent devices.


Which area of Disney World does not have bathrooms?

You'll have to make sure to use the restroom before planning to go to Liberty Square. Just because there are no bathrooms doesn't mean that they are not acknowledged. If you look down to the ground, you'll see the brown tiles which represent sewer systems.


Time to talk about rides. What is the tallest man-made mountain in a Disney park?

Expedition Everest is the tallest of the Disney Parks mountains, just like the real Mount Everest is the tallest in the world. You can find this ride in the Asia sector of the Animal Kingdom.


Do you know which of the following rides are not in the Animal Kingdom?

Test Track is not part of Animal Kingdom, but it is part of EPCOT. Did you know that the Animal Kingdom does not allow straws inside? Disney wants to keep the animals as safe as they can from harm.


Where can you hear a secret conversation taking place?

One crazy Disney Easter egg is found in the hat shop along Main Street. You'll see a phone in there which you can pick up and eavesdrop on a secret conversation. If you're ever walking by, pick it up to hear it for yourself!


Which movie is "Mission: Space" based on?

Mission: Space is an on-Earth look at what a flight to Mars might be like. "Mission to Mars" was the inspiration for the ride which first opened in 2003, three years after the movie was released.


You can always grab some fresh produce at Disney. Where does Disney World get its fruit?

The fruit at Disney World is quite unique. Not only is it picked and served from within the theme park, but it is also grown vertically, making more space available to grow even more fruit!


What does "EPCOT" stand for?

The Epcot theme park was never supposed to be a theme park. Walt Disney had intended for it to be its own city. Unfortunately, Walt's dream never came true with the passing of both him and his brother, and the city he dreamt of was kept as a theme park.


The first Disney theme park to open was which one?

Disneyland opened in 1955, about eleven years before the death of Walt Disney. Walt Disney worked hard to make the park come to life the way that he had envisioned it. This park was built in Anaheim, California where it still stands today.


Where can you go to see a great view of the park in Tomorrowland?

The Astro Orbiter is the perfect place to look over Tomorrowland. It is meant to be like space travel and you'll notice that it is one of the tallest rides that you can board in the park itself.


Who might you catch a glimpse of on Mad Tea Party?

Mad Tea Party is a fun little ride where you get to ride in the teacups from the movie. It's only fitting that Alice and her crew come to ride in the teacups as well, now and then!


You can catch a safari where?

The Animal Kingdom is home to many attractions, but did you know that you can go on a safari as well? There are many African animals that you can glimpse of while on the ride, including ostriches and hyenas.


If you work at Disney World, what are you known as?

All Disney employees are known as cast members. This is due to Disney being very heavily aimed at making the experience incredible. When you're at a Disney theme park, it is meant to feel like you're taking part in another world.


Which restaurant is home to armor that talks?

You'll need a good ear to hear the talking behind this armor! The armor talks at a whisper level, but it is one cool feature that many may not be aware of when visiting the restaurant.


Which of the following attractions are one of the oldest in Disney World?

Liberty Square Boat opened at the same time that the park did, making it one of the oldest rides you can take a spin on. The boat is themed around history, which you can get a little taste of while riding on it.


What happens when Magic Kingdom opens?

Every morning calls for a musical in the Magic Kingdom. It's used as a welcome to the guests where you can see many characters as well as the mayor as they welcome you into their magical land.


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