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The Walt Disney World Resort, simply referred to as Walt Disney World, consists of four theme parks, two water parks and twenty-seven themed hotels. Located in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, in the United States, these parks see an average of 52 million visitors every year and with the continuous expansion and addition of new rides, they aren't expected to decrease anytime soon. 

Each of the parks is centered around different themes while still staying true to everything that Disney stands for. The parks include EPCOT, which is dedicated to technological advancements and international culture, the Magic Kingdom, which was dedicated to the characters, Disney's Animal Kingdom, which is dedicated to environmental and animal conservation and Disney's Hollywood Studios, which is dedicated to all things film.

Known for its youthful spirit, both children and adults flock to these parks, not only to relive childhood memories but also to fuel their imaginations in a place where anything seems possible. How much do you really know about these extremely popular Disney parks? Would you be able to name every single ride or identify each of the characters found in the different park? Only a true Disney genius can, will you be able to? Take this knowledge quiz to find out!

Disney World is the same size as what U.S. city?

It's 40 square miles, making it roughly the size of San Francisco! Holy cow!


How big of a plunge do you take on Splash Mountain?

You plunge down 5 stories at a 45-degree angle. Now, that's a thrill!


What are Disney engineers called?

Imagineers are responsible for Disney World's creation. We owe them thanks!


What does Epcot mean?

Please, tell me you got that.


Which of these is NOT a theme park at Disney World?

Sorry, folks. That's at Universal Studios.


Which is true about Walt Disney?

Sadly, Walt passed away in 1966, before the park was built, but he designed it before his death.


Which is the biggest theme park at Disney World?

Animal Kingdom is by far the largest park! And it's beautiful :)


Which of these is NOT a Disney World resort hotel?

There is no ToonTown Hotel, but how awesome would that be?


What's on the upper level of Cinderella's Castle?

Walt wanted to stay there with his family, but today it's a deluxe suite awarded to one family every night.


Captain EO, the 3D epic at EPCOT center, was directed by whom?

Did you know that Francis Ford Coppola directed the Michael Jackson classic?


What does Disney call its employees?

The staff are called cast members, and there are about 62,000 of them at Disney World.


How many Christmas trees are in Disney World at Christmas time?

With more than 1,500 Christmas trees, Disney World is the place to be around the holidays.


What are in the underground tunnels of Disney World?

There's a whole world below Disney World! These tunnels are called utilidors.


How much was adult admission to Disney World when it first opened?

Just $3.50. Juniors were $2.50, and little ones were $1.00. Can you imagine if it was still that much today?


Which of these was NOT one of the original E-Ticket attractions?

Splash Mountain wasn't around yet! That would come many years later.


What are the cars called in the Haunted House?

Doom Buggies are what are known as Omnimovers. Spooky!!!


What character was recently added to the Pirates of the Caribbean attractions?

Jack Sparrow was added after "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men’s Chest" was released.


How tall is the Animal Kingdom's Tree of Life?

Standing 14 stories tall, the tree has over 300 animal carvings!


What is the Liberty Bell in Liberty Square modeled after?

Modeled after the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the bell was actually made from the same mold!


Who came to the opening of Space Mountain in 1977?

Real astronauts came to the opening! Scott Carpenter, Gordon Cooper, and Jim Irwin were in attendance.


What is the tallest ride in Disney World?

Expedition Everest is the tallest, just slightly higher than Space Mountain.


Which of these stars was part of the Mickey Mouse Club?

And it was filmed at Disney World's Hollywood Studios!


What is the most attended park in Disney World?

The Magic Kingdom is the most attended park, followed by Epcot.


What is the tallest structure in the Magic Kingdom​?

The castle is the tallest structure, just a tad taller than Space Mountain.


What was the Tiki Room once called?

Once called the Tropical Serenade, it was sponsored by Florida Citrus Growers.


How many people were at Disney World's opening?

There were 10,000 people at the opening. Today, the park serves 47,000 people a day.


How many animal species are in the Animal Kingdom?

There are over 300 species of animal. Don't miss the African elephants!


How many countries are represented in Epcot's World Showcase?

Eleven countries are represented, with their own food and cultural treasures! Not sure America should be one of them, though.


Which country is NOT represented​ in Epcot's World Showcase?

Oh, poor Belgium. We wish they were there.


What was the name of Mickey's water tower in Hollywood Studios?

Clever. VERY clever. . .


Who was once the largest single shareholder of Disney, before his death?

Disney World flew the flags at half-mast on the day of his death.


What is not sold in Disney World?

There is absolutely no gum sold, because it just gets on the ground! You must bring your own.


How many hidden Mickeys are in the park?

There are literally thousands of hidden Mickeys in the park - in rock formations, decorations, and set pieces.


What was the name of the Imagineer whose ghost haunts the Haunted House?

George died while building the Haunted House. To this day, when they turn the ride off, they say goodnight to George.


What is grown in Epcot center?

30 tons of fruits and vegetables are grown in Epcot each year, to feed park guests.


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