Are You a Witch or a Fairy?

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Good luck trying to find one definitive explanation of the difference between a witch and a fairy. It seems each fantasy faction has its own idea about the two creatures and what they really are. One of the big differences you'll find between the two is that witches exist in the physical world, and fairies are pure folklore. Although, there are some that believe it's the other way around. Who knows what to believe? The key here is to focus on what each of them possesses, instead of what makes them real or not.

Witches can obviously practice witchcraft in the form of incantations and supernatural powers. Witchcraft takes work and practice to control the powers and get the wording and pronunciation of spells just right. Fairies, on the other hand, are magical creatures tightly connected to nature, as most of them live there in popular tales. Fairies are more ethereal than the typical witches and can bring some whimsy to your life. There are some hardcore debates about both of these creatures, and most of them revolved around how they differ from one another. Let's see where you stand on all of this! Do you feel like you're more witch or fairy? Take this quiz to find out for sure!

Which tool would you want to be able to cast spells with?

Can you be trusted with magical powers?

If you had to pick one, what would be your ideal style?

Do you connect with a lot of your extended family?

What does your dark side look like?

Is there a skill or subject that comes really easily to you?

How do you want people to view you?

If you were to paint something, what color would you use the most?

Can you handle anything that comes your way?

Are you more earth, fire, air or water?

How much of a morning person are you?

If you and a friend were into the same person, what would you do?

Did you do any after school activities?

Do you love horror movies?

Did you ever think you weren't good enough?

What was your favorite story as a kid?

If you did have magical powers, what is one thing you'd use for powers for?

Which fictional witch would you want to mentor you?

Is all criticism constructive?

Would having powers of some kind make your life easier?

In which unique place would you live if you could?

Would your magical self have a familiar?

Do you actually believe in magic?

How do you handle insults?

What's your overall temperament?

How often did you dress as a witch for Halloween?

What's the best way to spend your free time?

Would you call yourself a people person?

Do you fall into the category of optimist, pessimist, realist or idealist?

Have you ever had a dream that felt way too real?

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