Are You an Emotional Eater?

Zoe Samuel

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About This Quiz

Everyone has a different relationship with food, but some are healthier than others. Eating your feelings can be highly destructive. Take this quiz to find out how much of an emotional eater you are!

Your cat died. What's for dinner?

If your ex didn't love you, who will?

How is best to celebrate?

What's the best way to process grief?

Do you tend to stick to a plan no matter what?

How organized are you?

Do you have an allergies that limit your ability to just munch on random foods?

How picky an eater are you?

Do you ever eat when you aren't hungry?

Do you get your five a day?

What is hummus to you?

How much pasta is the right amount?

Which is the best pasta sauce?

Has your weight changed by more than 10% in either direction since you turned 25?

Do you work out?

Has your doctor ever gone, "hmmmmm" or clicked their tongue as they compare your current weight to last year's?

Do you tend toward mood swings?

Do you meditate?

What's a good non-food way to work off stress?

Do you always partake of office birthday cake, just because it's there?

Do you love food more than it loves you?

Do you ever miss a meal and not realize?

Do you ever miss a meal to punish yourself?

When you're really stressed out or miserable, have you ever thrown up, just because?

How much of a food snob are you?

Are you easily distracted?

What's your favorite reason to eat?

Do you have family members with eating disorders?

Does your partner have healthy eating habits?

Are you trying to be a good role model to anyone when it comes to food?

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