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"Ohhh, what a beautiful morning to take this quiz! Whether it's morning, noon or nighttime for you, there's no better time to take this Oklahoma! quiz than now! When it comes to this plucky little musical, are you an expert?

Oklahoma! has a long, long history. It first started off as a Broadway musical that debuted in 1943. Based on the Lynn Riggs play, Green Grow the Lilacs, Oklahoma! follows the story of a young girl who is being courted by two potential suitors. 

The first collaboration of the legendary duo Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II, Oklahoma! went on to become a film in 1955. The film stars Gordon MacRae, Shirley Jones, and Rod Steiger as the three characters at the center of this love triangle. The film came out over 60 years ago. Do you still remember the adventures of Curly and Laurey? 

Who took Laurey to the box social? What kind of gun does Jud carry? What's the name of Curly's beloved horse? You "Cain't Say No" to this quiz! Are you ready to give it "All 'Er Nuthin'"? Let's find out!

In the opening song, "Oh, What a Beautiful Morning," the corn is described as being what?

Corn is judged by how high it grows. "High" and "eye" rhyme, which works well for a song.


Curly offers to take Laurey to the Box Social with what?

Curly wants to impress Laurey, so he promises her a fancy ride if she attends the box social with him. Laurey behaves coyly and does not accept Curly's invitation.


Who does Laurey agree can take her to the Box Social instead of Curly?

Jud asked Laurey before Curly and she wanted to honor her commitment, even though she did actually want to go with Curly.


Who sings, "Kissin's my favorite food"?

Annie is a flirt and does not hide her attraction to men. She says she is "a girl who can't say no".


Annie's father promises her to Will Parker if he can do what?

Annie's father wants to be assured that the young man can financially support his daughter. He is skeptical about Will's ability to do so.


What city has Will Parker been in before coming back to town by train?

Will Parker describes his experiences and all that he has seen in Kansas City upon his return to town. He raves about the city's phones, skyscrapers, and cars.


What does Laurey buy from the peddlar?

Laurey purchases the "special smelling salts" for two bits. It gives her some strange dreams.


Which girl does Laurey get into a fight with over Curly?

Laurey is jealous that Curly is taking Gertie to the Box Social. Curly is flattered.


What is everyone picking outside Laurey's house before the Box Social?

Curly encounters Laurey in the peach orchard and they sing together. Everyone leaves for Skidmore's shortly after.


What do Laurey and Curly NOT sing to each other during "People Will Say We're in Love"?

Laurey and Curly cite all of the things they shouldn't do to show their feelings for each other. "Why do you take the trouble to bake my fav'rite pie?" involves baking, but not biscuits.


What kind of gun does Jud have?

Jud's Colt .45 is a threat to Curly. They both want Laurey.


What does Curly tell Jud is "as easy as falling off a log"?

Curly tries to intimidate Jud and show a tough guy side to him.


What do Curly and Jud sing a song together about?

This is a type of passive-aggressive action toward Jud by Curly who wants Jud to give up his pursuit of Laurey.


Which is NOT a song included in the movie?

"Oklahoma" is led by Curly; "All Er Nuthin" is sung by Will and Annie; "Poor Jud is Daid" is sung by Curly and Jud.


What's a "frog sticker"?

Curly is not shy in showing his animosity toward Jud. Their shared affection for Laurey divides them.


What does the peddlar say he has to sell to the menfolk while in Jud's cabin with Curly?

There seems to be a hint of inappropriate items but never really stated.


Laurey falls asleep on the porch of her house. What does she dream about?

There is foreshadowing of a confrontation between Curly and Jud where Jud is the victor. Laurey is upset when she wakes up.


What picture is on Jud's wall?

The picture attests to Jud's immoral behavior and attitude. He says he wants a "real" woman.


What prevents Jud and Laurey from arriving at the dance together?

Jud makes some unwanted advances on Laurey, making it clear that when he regains control of the horses, he intends to try again. That motivates her to takes the reins, herself, and leave him behind.


According to the song, who "should be friends"?

The context of the plot is clearly a divide between farmers and ranchers in the area. In keeping with the theme of coming together, Curly is a rancher who then becomes a farmer.


What is being auctioned off at the Box Social?

Laurey has high hopes that Curly will win her basket. Curly is prepared to outbid everyone for it.


How is Will able to regain the money to win over Annie?

Hakim is willing to buy the gifts if it means that he can get out of marrying Annie. Will was too quick to spend the original $50 he had that would've ensured he could marry Annie.


What does Jud buy from Will Parker?

There is a hint that the kaleidoscope has inappropriate images in it, befitting of Jud's character.


What is the auction raising money for?

Aunt Eller leads the bidding and seems to be pulling for Curly to get Laurey's basket.


What has been claimed as the cause of a "three-day bellyache"?

Hakim bids on and wins Annie's basket and is laughed at when he complains of a stomach ache from its contents.


What is the name of Curly's beloved horse?

Curly is willing to part with Blue when he needs to increase his bid on Laurey's basket.


What is the final item Curly sells to keep a high bid on Laurey's hamper?

Curly is in a bidding war with Jud and gives up everything he owns. He sells his gun for $18.


What does Jud want to show Curly after the auction?

Jud tries to lure Curly to viewing inappropriate pictures rather than spending time with Laurey.


Who does Mr. Hakim eventually marry?

Mr. Hakim is not the marrying kind, but at the same time, he can't seem to stay away from the ladies.


Hakim shows Annie a "Persian goodbye." What does Will show her?

This is a very aggressive kiss that catches Annie off-guard; it is a show of Will marking his territory.


After Laurey and Curly are married, Jud says, "I gotta present for you." What is it?

Laurey and Curly are set atop a haystack as a joke. Jud sets out to hurt them in retaliation for his humiliation.


What is Curly put on trial for?

Jud goes after Curly and Laurey on the haystack because he realizes Laurey will never be his; Curly gets Laurey off the haystack first, then leaps down and stabs Jud in retaliation.


What plea is given at the trial?

Curly has the sympathy of the townspeople; it is suggested that his actions were in self-defense.


Why do Annie and Gertie get into a fight?

Annie attacks Gertie out of jealousy. It is ironic because Gertie's beau once belonged to Annie.


What is the final scene of the movie?

A happy ending for everyone. The song that was used to woo Laurey at the beginning is what ends it.


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