Are You Calorie-Conscious?

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With all the attention, health incentives, and technology to support keeping a healthy weight, you would think people would be better at it. Whether it means keeping a diary, using an app, or going to a dietician, it can be done. The question is: are you calorie-conscious?

Does bread have a lot of calories in it?

What is the difference between the calories in a candy bar and the calories in a protein bar?

Do you eat things without thinking about them?

Do you eat when you are sad?

Do you eat when you are happy?

When you are out with friends, how closely do you keep track of what you eat?

When eating with friends, do you feel compelled to keep up with them, ordering courses you don't want because they do?

Do you eat while you are working out?

Do you drink a lot of water?

Are calories all the same?

Is the whole "calorie" matter only a matter of addition and subtraction?

Are you happy with your body, on a basic level?

What medium do you use to keep track of calories?

What reference source do you use to find out how many calories are in foods?

What is the goal that lies behind your health habits?

Next to counting calories, what is your number two fitness habit?

What would you say is your third most important fitness habit?

What do you think of when you hear the word "gym"?

Do you give yourself prize incentives for keeping track of what you eat?

Do you give yourself punishment incentives for keeping track of what you eat?

How many calories are there in a grape?

How many calories are there in a large martini?

If a friend asked you for a low-calorie snack, what would you give them?

How many calories should a man eat in a day?

How many calories should a woman eat?

How many calories should a child eat?

How many calories should a pregnant woman eat?

How many calories does an hour of aerobic exorcise burn off?

By how much should you reduce your calorie intake to lose a pound a week?

What is a calorie?

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