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Trouble in tween town? Find out how well you know what embarrasses your tweens -- apart from just existing in general, of course.

A great song comes on the radio while you're waiting to pick up your tweens, so you start to sing along. With the windows down.

Melodic moms might want to think again if they're making an effort to not embarrass their tweens. Singing is high on the list of actions likely to embarrass sensitive tweens.


You love your battered old pickup truck, and you pick your tweens up from school in it.

Your tweens might share your fondness for a venerable family vehicle, but tweens are often very sensitive about appearances. So if you have a nicer car, you may want to humor them by driving that instead.


You attend your tween sons' sporting events, but you're not the mom who cheers and goes nuts every time they get their hands on the ball.

Tweens will usually appreciate a parent who shows an interest in their extracurricular activities, just so long as you don't "make a scene" (a figure of speech you can get used to hearing repeatedly for the next 10 years).


You're in the grocery store with your tween daughters. When you pass the place where the feminine products are, you mention you'll be needing to shop down that aisle a lot more often in a couple of years!

All references to tweens' impending puberty are best limited to the privacy of your home, not discussed in places where cute boys from school could overhear.


You get home from dropping your tween son off at a sleepover, when you realize he forgot his favorite stuffed animals. But figuring it could have been on purpose, you wait to see if he calls and asks you to drop it off.

Tweens often scorn the interests -- and the heavy-handed parental involvement -- they enjoyed as young children, so it's good to give them some space to grow. If he changes his mind and needs his teddy bear, he knows the number.


You buy clothes at the same store your tween daughters like to shop.

A department store is one thing, but your tween daughter will probably not appreciate her mom trying to dress like her, or, well, like anything for that matter. Get used to her critiquing your closet.


You mention your tweens in Facebook posts.

This one hinges on your particular tweens -- and the contents of your post. If you're considering whether to comment, carefully evaluate whether it might come off embarrassingly. For example, wishing them a good time at camp is probably fine. Inquiring whether "fat camp" is working out for them -- not so much. Keep the contents light and friendly. And when in doubt, don't post.


You bust out the occasional hot new tween slang word while within earshot of your tween and some of his or her friends.

Definitely don't make a habit of using the latest slang in front of your tween and friends, but the occasional slip will probably just earn you an eye roll or a groan. Do, however, try to learn what the slang means, so you can monitor their online activity and just plain know what on earth they're talking about.


You go out to eat and get into a shouting match with the waiter when your steak comes overcooked.

If your tweens disappear during the confrontation, look for them hiding under the table when your temper cools. Tweens can be easily embarrassed in public by a parent's behavior if it draws undesirable attention to them.


You're chaperoning the school dance and you decide to bust out a few dance moves of your own.

If you manage this one without embarrassing anyone, then bravo, because you have raised one incredibly tolerant tween!


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