Are You as Funny as You Think You Are?

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Everyone is funny in their own right. Whether you're overly observational and poke holes in the ordinary parts of everyday life, or you have a more surreal view of the world and aren't afraid to offer an absurd rant about it, everyone posses a funny bone. But how funny are you actually?

Are you the life of the party, constantly commanding the center of attention? Or are those laughs at you rather than with you? While everyone may be funny in their own way, not everyone knows how to use their great powers of humor. Worst, far too many overestimate how funny they are.

Now we're not saying everyone needs to be a standup comedian, we're just offering you an honest opinion so you never find yourself bombing in front of people you're trying to impress. Who knows, maybe we'll think you're flipping hilarious and give you the green light to tell whatever ridiculous joke you'd like. With great power comes great comedic stylings.

Take this quiz and find out if you are as funny as you think you are. This quiz might be the start of a hilarious new career path you never considered.

Who would you cite as an example of a funny man?

Who would you cite as an example of a funny woman?

You're stuck on an elevator with George Carlin, Richard Pryor, John Candy and Robin Williams. What do you do?

Do you think any topic is off-limits for comedy?

Do you laugh a lot?

You have to put on a prop comedy show to get out of all your parking tickets. What's your go-to hilarious prop?

Do you laugh at your own jokes?

Were you the class clown?

You can tell you nailed a joke based on the laugh it gets you. Which one of these laughs is the one you want?

In a contest to last the longest without laughing while the other players make silly faces, where would you place?

Have you ever started telling a story to four people and realized there was only one left at the end?

A horse walks into a bar. What are you asking him?

Are you a good listener?

Have you ever performed stand-up?

A true master of the comedic arts can pick the funniest place name from this list.

Have you ever taken an improv class?

What about a comedy writing class?

How come people say food that's gone bad tastes funny?

What are two elements of a good joke?

Do you know any jokes in which the main character is a woman, but the punchline isn't anything to do with her womanhood: that is, she's only incidentally female?

How many times a day do you make someone else laugh?

Are you funny on the page, but feel your delivery lets you down?

Have you ever been in an environment where you made all the most powerful people in the room laugh at the least powerful person?

Have you ever made all the least powerful people laugh at the powerful person?

Do you get away with talking back more than most because of your wit?

Are you easily bored?

Has anyone ever told you to seriously, just stop, dude?

Have you ever been accused of making someone's tummy hurt because they were laughing so hard at something you said?

How goofy are you?

What is a place that you would never make a joke?

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