Are You Getting the Best Deal on Your Cable Bill?

Isadora Teich

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About This Quiz

We all love turning on the TV, but watching your favorite shows isn't cheap. Are you getting the best deal on your cable bill? Find out with this quiz!

What cable company do you use?

Do you know how much of your income goes into your cable bill?

What type of show do you prefer?

Do you watch premium channels?

What type of sports do you like to watch?

Which of these TV shows do you watch most often?

Do you watch reality TV?

Which of these canceled or ended shows do you miss most?

Which sitcom do you prefer?

Which cooking show do you watch most?

Which reality show have you watched most?

How do you feel about TV show spinoffs?

What kind of show do you watch most?

Do you watch animated TV shows?

Do you watch cable TV shows?

How important is it to you to watch shows right when they air?

How do you watch most of your favorite shows?

Which long running show do you prefer?

Which sports channels do you like to watch?

Which network do you watch most?

Are you more likely to watch a critically acclaimed show?

Which HBO show have you enjoyed most?

What is more important to you when it comes to choosing a cable package?

Do you have a monthly budget written out?

How often do you watch sports?

Would you call any of your favorite shows guilty pleasures?

Which network shows most of your least favorite shows?

How do you pick what to watch?

When is the last time you watched TV?

Which of these popular shows do you enjoy most?

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