Are You Having a Hot Girl Summer or Bummer?

Emily Maggrett

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About This Quiz

Earlier this year, Houston rapper Megan Thee Stallion started showing up everywhere.Β Also known as "Hot Girl Meg," Megan's confident, salty sensuality has won her legions of fans, who are known as "hotties." This fan culture coined the hashtag #HotGirlSummer, which has since COMPLETELY blown up on Twitter, inspiring thousands of people to post selfies of themselves living their best summer lives.

But what is #HotGirlSummer? Megan Thee Stallion describes it as doing you, not caring what other people think and having as good a time as you can. As a life philosophy, it's hard to argue with, although it CAN be hard to live up to. That's why we've come up with this particular quiz! If you need to know whether you're actually getting your #HotGirlSummer on or if you're just sweaty, this quiz will reveal your real summer vibe.

You're going to have to tell us the truth about what you've been getting up to, wearing and saying! You'll also need to reveal whether you're leaving him on read, eating enough ice cream and acting so extra your friends yell at you. Are you summer #goals or have you been selling yourself short? Find out what's up by playing this quiz!

A serious requirement of #HotGirlSummer is posting hot pics of yourself. Have you done this, ma'am??

What's the messiest thing you've done so far?

Are you eating whatever you want?

Are you in a relationship?

Are you celebrating other people's bikini pics? Enthusiastically???

Do you ever leave him on read?

How many shades of eye shadow are you wearing right now?

If you found out people were talking about your wild #HotGirlSummer behavior, how would you react?

Have you worn a crop top yet?

#HotGirlSummer is about doing you, regardless of what other people think. So ... have you unapologetically yourself, or have you been saying "sorry" to people for basically no reason?

Is self-care your #1 priority?

It's Friday night. Where are we going to find you?

Have you caught feelings for anybody?

Are you flaunting your assets or keeping it Amish?

What's your favorite Megan Thee Stallion bop?

Have you been working on your tan?

Boats are key to #HotGirlSummer culture. Have you or have you not partied on a boat yet?

How hard are you hyping your friends?

At work, have you been letting other people take advantage of you?

Have you worn jean cut-offs yet?

Are you chasing your dreams? Or at least eating a lot of ice cream?

Where's your bikini?

Be real: are you living your best life?

Do you have what he needs?

Have you been prioritizing your partner or your friends?

Have you done anything so extra that half your friends yelled at you about it?

Are you slaying this summer with unstoppable CONFIDENCE?

What's your fave Megan Thee Stallion quote?

It's not #HotGirlSummer without regrets! So, what are yours?

How many times have you gone swimming so far?

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