Are You Living a Natural Lifestyle?

Steven Miller

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About This Quiz

Natural living comprises the basic tenets of reducing toxins, stewarding the environment, reducing consumption, and seeking alternative products that are more natural. Take this quiz to determine how well you are living a natural lifestyle.

How often do you cook from scratch?

How regularly do you consume whole foods?

How often do you use essential oils for housecleaning tasks?

Have you ever made your own soap, shampoo, or cleaner?

How often do you use disposable items?

How often do you use reusable items?

How much does the amount of packaging for an item influence your decision to buy it?

How often do you shop at a thrift store?

How often do you bring your own bags to the grocery store?

How often do you recycle?

How often do you compost organic waste?

How often do you attend a farmer's market?

How regularly would you say you waste food?

How regularly do you buy organic food?

How much of your own food do you grow yourself?

Do you participate in a co-op?

Do you participate in a CSA?

Have you ever sold or given away a natural product you produced?

How regularly do you plan your meals based on what is in season?

How often do you use herbs as natural remedies?

How regularly do you use natural supplements?

How regularly do you use essential oils for healing?

How well would you say you sleep?

How much would you say you exercise?

How much does your lifestyle consume fossil fuels?

How much are renewable energy sources a part of your life?

How often do you plan trips to include multiple stops in an efficient route?

Does a company's environmental practices influence your purchase?

How involved are you in organizations dedicated to environmental stewardship?

How much does a politician's environmental protection policies influence your decision?

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