Quiz: Are You a Master of Common Phrases?
Are You a Master of Common Phrases?
By: Deborah Beckwin
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About This Quiz

A lot of what we say is made from images - take, for example, a baptism by fire. It conjures up a strong image, right? It's also a literary allusion. Specifically, it's from the Bible and refers to something John the Baptist said in the Gospel of Matthew. So this saying now means going through a harrowing experience for the first time as a sort of initiation.

But maybe you didn't know where that phrase came from, and that's ok! So many sayings we use every day are divorced from their origins. And many more just seem to pop up, whether it's from the playground or from a specific era. What's interesting is when the origin stories are just as exciting as the sayings themselves.

For example, the phrase "just deserts" - have you been spelling it like desserts? You're not the only one!  But it's neither a dry and sandy place nor is it a sweet pastry or treat. Desert means something that is deserved, whether it's a reward of punishment (Look it up! It's in the dictionary!) The saying goes as far back as to at least the 1400s.

If you're ready to take this quiz for a spin, we believe that it'll be the cat's pajamas. And remember: fortune favors the brave! Good luck!

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If you "spilled the beans," what have you done?
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"When my team lost over a stupid call from the ref, that really got my goat!" What does "get your goat" mean?
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Finish this saying: "Good night, sleep _____."
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Complete this saying: "Show your true _____."
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"There was a stampede of sheep through the town square today. They were just running amok!" What does "run amok" mean?
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If you've been saved at the last minute, you've been "saved by the ____."
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A generally known guideline is known as what?
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What common saying is an alleged cure for a hangover?
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If you're quite pleased, you're pleased as what?
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If you're going to "tie one on," what are you ready to do?
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If you're trying to "butter someone up," what are you trying to do?
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What saying means that you're not as young as you used to be?
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What is the saying that means you have an overabundance of something?
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What do you do when you're first meeting someone, and it feels a little stiff or awkward?
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What saying means that you're ready to be free and relaxed?
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Instead of wishing an actor good luck, what do you say?
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What is the saying that describes rudely ignoring someone?
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What saying is a euphemism for dying?
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What's the missing word in this saying: "Don't throw the ____ out with the bathwater"?
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What saying means to go all the way or to do your best?
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What saying means that you've been found in the act of doing something wrong?
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What saying encapsulates that something is the best thing ever?
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