Quiz: Are You a Master of Uncommon Facts?
Are You a Master of Uncommon Facts?
By: Robin Tyler
Image: Hill Street Studios LLC/DigitalVIsion/GettyImages

About This Quiz

We all love a few cool facts, don't we? There is nothing quite like broadening your general knowledge. But so many facts are just rehashed and told over and over again. So in this quiz, we are specifically going to test your knowledge of cool facts, but certainly lesser known facts.

As a general knowledge guru, you probably know a lot of them already but let's hope that a few will have you stumped, scratching your head for the answer. And what can you expect? Well, we have certainly focused on a wide spectrum of facts, from different aspects of life.

For instance, did you know that each tongue is unique? What about the fact that every day, your heart beats 100,000 times? Those are just some medical facts that are uncommon that we didn't include in the quiz. What about the fact that Winston Churchill served two terms as Prime Minister, the second one ten years after his Second World War exploits? Not many people know that.

And there are many more such examples of brilliant uncommon facts that if you don't know them, will give you some dinner table conversion pieces for the next few weeks! So let's see if you can ace this uncommon facts quiz.

Good luck!

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