Are You More Cat or Dog?

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Cats vs. dogs is considered one of the biggest rivalries in the world, right up there with Yankees vs. Red Sox, soda vs. pop, and Yanny vs. Laurel. But do they really dislike each other that much?

In fact, research about the relationships between cats and dogs shows that many of them live amicably together. The key variable is the age at which they were introduced to each other—cats and dogs who grow up together from birth typically form a close relationship. Even in households where a dog and cat were introduced to each other later in life, there is still a chance they can get along. As you might expect, both species have separate approaches to the relationship: cats are typically more aggressive and threatening towards their canine counterparts.

On the other hand, dogs tend to be more obedient and outwardly affectionate. They are better suited for strenuous physical activity like climbing hills or running long distances. The question is, which animal matches up with your personality? Are you reserved and complex, or lovable and active? Just choose your best answers to the questions below and we'll tell you which animal companion is most like you. 


It's been a long work week: Which of these scenarios describes the perfect weekend evening to unwind?

Which of these common meals would hit the spot and satisfy your hunger?

What do you think of naps?

You need to pick up some new duds—what's your view on clothes shopping?

Which of these best describes the way you progress from being a stranger to friends with someone?

If you had fur, what color would it be?

How well do you interact with new people, socially and professionally?

What do you think about vacuum cleaners?

How good are you at physical work that involves your muscles?

How do you act in relationships with your best friends and immediate family?

Do you enjoy going in the water for a refreshing swim?

What kind of tunes are you listening to while relaxing?

What's your favorite sport to play?

Which equipment would provide you with the most recreational enjoyment?

What traits do you look for in a life partner?

Which of these people is your celebrity spirit animal?

How neat are you?

You just spent time preparing a big meal—how are you enjoying it?

How do you feel about being alone?

What's an ideal date night with your significant other?

How do you celebrate holidays?

How is your relationship with your parents and siblings?

Do you tend to worry a lot?

How would you describe your political leanings?

Do you like to spend time in nature hunting?

Which animal (besides cats and dogs) is your favorite?

Are you more of a lover or a fighter?

What's your favorite hangout spot, either alone or with friends?

How do you express affection?

You're feeling a little blue—how do you pull yourself out of a funk?

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