Are You More Gen X, Millennial, or Gen Z Based on Your Pop Culture Preferences?

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About This Quiz

Each generation is famous for something different, whether it be the world wars, the internet or the incessant need to use technology. But there are also incredibly important pop culture moments that happened in each generation. But whether you were around for Beatlemania or you're just now into Cardi B, sometimes your tastes don't reflect the period you were born in. You might liken it to someone telling you that you have an old soul - or that you seem like you were born in a different time. 

Well, this is exactly that, except here, we're trying to find your generation based on what you like in the pop culture world. Will your tastes say that you're a Gen X-er? These people were born during the peace and love movement and like things with a little less tech. The millennials are the go-getters and are responsible for some of the most innovative business ideas out there today. The Gen Z-ers are just now coming into their own, and we can expect a lot from them. But which one are you?

If you want to find out which generation you're more of, based on the type of mass media you prefer, let's go ahead and get started on this quiz. You may be younger than you think!

Which generation would you love to experience (again)?

What was the best decade in TV?

How up to date are you with pop culture?

Do you like reality TV?

What brand of cellphone do you have?

Which season of American Horror Story was your favorite?

Which scientist did the most for us as far as advancement goes?

Which award show is your favorite to watch?

Which of these magazines are you most likely to read?

And which app do you use the most?

Which of these characters played the best vampire?

Of course we have to ask. Who was the worst werewolf?

Which girl band's music would you not listen to?

Which of these funny movies do you want to watch right now?

What's your favorite Shakespeare play?

Which music band would you want to be part of?

Which slang phrase have you been guilty of using?

Which high school girl in a movie really stole your heart?

Who is the best musician of all time?

Which actor/director, named George, is the best?

Which female celeb's style are you most impressed by?

Which of these movies has made you cry?

What do you think about Bey-chella?

What's your preferred way to communicate?

How do you feel about Game of Thrones?

Do you love memes?

Which show's reruns are you watching this weekend?

Did you read any of the 50 Shades books?

Which Jurassic Park movie is your favorite?

Would you ever put a Harry Potter tattoo?

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