Quiz: Are You More Rick or Morty?
Are You More Rick or Morty?
By: Lauren Lubas
Image: Youtube by Adult Swim

About This Quiz

Are you ready to get Schwifty? Since its debut in 2013, Rick and Morty has attracted a cult following, and there's no mystery as to why. With the concept of the multiverse, writers of the show are bound by nothing, and episodes continuously get more creative throughout the seasons. Lucky for all of us, the show just signed on for another 70 episodes to be aired over an undisclosed number of seasons. This means we all get to follow our flawed heroes through the multiverse for another 35 hours. 

One of the most attractive elements of the show is the fact that writers include Easter eggs and subtle references to plot lines that keep fans in tinfoil hats. As we are able to become detectives while we watch the show, we become more and more attached to the characters ... and Rick and Morty are some of the most interesting characters created in the last ten years. They are flawed. They are dynamic. They have human reactions to superhuman situations. As you watch the show, you consider how you'd react to these situations, and you start to identify with the characters. But who are you—Rick or Morty? Answer these questions, and we'll tell you if you're the nervous sick-of-this-sh*t adolescent or the nihilist who knows just a little too much about the futility of the world(s). 

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Which of these is most likely to be your catchphrase?

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When you're afraid of something, what do you do?

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What is your biggest character flaw?

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What animal best describes you?

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