Quiz: Are You Red, White or Blue?
Are You Red, White or Blue?
By: Teresa McGlothlin
Image: Klaus Vedfelt / DigitalVision / Getty Images

About This Quiz

When the Philadelphia seamstress Betsy Ross sewed the first flag, she probably didn't know what a great symbol of freedom and liberty she was creating. Sure, she knew that it was an important thing to do for the nation, but she would beam with pride seeing the levels of patriotism surrounding her beloved creation now. She might even take notice of the flag color you are most like! 

You won't need to be a history expert to do your best on this quiz. In fact, we are going to avoid asking you about your knowledge of the flag altogether. Instead, we are going to put your love for your country and your fellow man to the test. Once we see how you display your pride, the flag color that represents you the most will be easy to figure out. 

Whether you end up being as tried and true like the color blue or as stark as the white of the stars, you'll never look at the flag the same way again. We think you'll feel a deeper connection to your roots once you know for sure, and you'll feel more colorful, too. Are you really more red, more white or all the way blue?

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Which American automaker makes the best vehicles?

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If you were to join the military, which branch would it be?

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Which former U.S. President is most admirable in your eyes?

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Which American city would you like to visit for an extended tour?

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If money were no object, what sort of vehicle would you like to drive?

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Which of these is the perfect hot dog topping?

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Which country do you consider the best ally?

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Of the following political issues, which is the most important to you?

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Which American foundation do you live your life by?

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What do you consider the most noble thing you can do for your country?

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Which country singer speaks the truth for you?

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What area of your life has the most of your focus right now?

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