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Without a doubt, a motor vehicle is one of the most complex machines on the planet. 

And it is not only the engine that contains thousands and thousands of parts, some big and some small, all working in harmony to ensure that you can move from Point A to Point B. Sure, the engine is essential in this regard and often the first thing we think of when we are asked to name car parts. 

But what about things like the transmission? This is another vital part of any vehicle, be it a manual or automatic. Without a properly working transmission, a vehicle is simply going nowhere. And it, too, is filled with many intricate parts, all working in unison to ensure the proper gears engine so the power produced by the engine can be transferred to the driveshaft for the vehicle actually to move. 

And then there is the car structure that comprises the bodywork and the chassis. Again, many parts all fitting perfectly together to ensure a beautiful end product!

So a car is made up of many parts, all just as important as the next.

But if we gave you an image of different parts, do you think you could identify them?

Let's see, shall we?

The car part in this image is a _________?

In years gone by, the bumper stood proud, separate from the rest of the bodywork of your vehicle and protected it in the event of an accident. This has disappeared in modern designs.


This part is found inside the cabin of your vehicle. Do you know what it is?

In manual transmissions, this pedal is pressed down by the driver's left foot, which in turn engages the clutch plate and allows for a new gear to be selected.


This is only found in cars with a manual transmission. Do you know what it is?

This steel cable connects the clutch linkage in the transmission to the clutch pedal. It is only found on a car with a manual transmission.


Very important for illumination, especially at night! What are these?

The headlights on a vehicle ensure that the driver can see in conditions where light is poor or at night.


An essential part of the transmission is shown in this image. Do you know what it is?

The ring gear is the large outer gear in the transmission's planetary gear system.


Do you have any idea as to what this part of a car might be called?

The exhaust system removes the gases formed during the combustion process within the engine.


Essential for keeping the air entering the engine clean, what part is shown in the image?

An air filter ensures the air entering the engine, which is used during the combustion process, is kept clean and free of any particles that may damage the engine.


The __________ rotates as piston moves, which in turn helps a car move forward.

As fuel burns, it pushes the pistons within the engine, which in turn rotate the crankshaft, which then moves the vehicle, either forward or backward determined by the gear selected.


This part gets things going in the engine, so to say. What is it?

Spark plugs are a key factor in a vehicle starting. They provide the spark that ignites the air-fuel mixture which starts the motor and keeps it running.


Some of these are iconic and are used by manufacturers (such as Jeep) as part of their overall look and signature. What are we talking about?

Appearing on the front of the car — specifically in front of the engine — the grille is often used by manufacturers as an iconic way to identify their cars. Think of BMW and the famous grille that appears on all their models.


These are found in various areas of your car engine, including the transmission. What are they called?

There are various seals and gaskets found within your car's transmission system. This ensures that the vital hydraulic fluid does not leak out.


You're going nowhere without these. What are they called?

A car has only four points of contact with the road — its tires. They provide essential grip in all conditions. Specialist vehicles, like off-roaders, can have very specific tires.


This is often found on sports cars but not on regular daily runners. What is it called?

Many sports cars have spoilers on the back of the vehicle. These provide more aerodynamic downforce for the vehicle.


An essential moving part of the engine. Name it, please.

Combustion in the engine's cylinders causes the pistons to move. This, in turn, moves the crankshaft and drives the car forward or backward, depending on the gear selected.


This part is a connection between the spark plugs and distributor in your engine. What is it called?

High tension leads connect the sparks plugs to the distributor. The word "tension," in this case, is another word for "voltage."


This moves a lubricating liquid around the engine. Do you know this car part's name?

The basic function of the oil pump is to circulate oil, which lubricates moving parts within the engine such as the camshaft, bearings and pistons.


Only found on cars that do not have a manual transmission, what is the part in this image?

Often considered to be the heart of the transmission system, this pump moves hydraulic fluid through the gearing system to ensure it operates efficiently.


Needed for your car's engine to turn over, do you know the name of this car part?

This system helps to start the engine by generating a spark (generally) that causes the air-fuel mixture within the combustion chamber to ignite.


Found in the transmission of a manual vehicle, what is this part called?

Found in manual transmissions, a flywheel does two things. Firstly, it provides a toothed gear for the starter motor to engage on, rotating the engine on startup. Secondly, it is used to push torque from the car's engine to its transmission by use of the clutch.


Found in your transmission, what is this set of parts collectively known as?

A crucial part of the transmission, this helps to make all the various ratios that the gears in the transmission can produce. It consists of the sun, planetary and ring gears.


This car part is commonly known as the _______?

The hood is the protective cover for the engine.


Can you name this car part, please?

The trunk is a protected storage area on your vehicle.


An essential lubricant in your car's transmission system, can you name this liquid?

The hydraulic fluid in the transmission system ensures that all moving parts, of which there are many, remain lubricated.


It helps keep your car engine at an optimum temperature. Can you name this car part?

This pump ensures that coolant that is kept in the radiator is moved through the coolant system on the car, keeping the engine nice and cool, relatively speaking.


Swish, swish, swish! What moving part is this?

Raining? The windshield wiper clears the windscreen to keep the driver's view clear. The first operational windscreen wiper was patented by Mary Anderson in 1903.


An excellent alternative storage space, perfect for off-road vehicles, can you name this auxiliary car part?

Roof racks attach to the top of the vehicle and can carry luggage, surfboards, equipment — well, almost anything that fits.


A crucial part of the transmission gearing, can you name this part?

The sun gear is the central gear in the transmission's planetary gear system.


This part regulates the amount of air taking into the engine as part of the combustion process. Do you know what it is?

The carburetor regulates the amount of air that enters the engine while it is running. If not calibrated correctly, the mix can be too lean or too rich.


Do you know what this car part is called?

This reservoir holds coolant, which is used to keep the engine cool during operation. It also helps to regulate the coolant to the right temperature before passing it back into the system.


Found near the trunk, what is this body panel called?

Quarter panels are found between the rear doors and trunk. The similar part on the front of the vehicle is the fender.


Helping with maintaining the optimum temperature for an engine, this part is called the ________?

A thermostat ensures that coolant is only pumped from the radiator once the engine has warmed up sufficiently.


This part, found in your vehicle's transmission, is called the ___________?

Made from steel, these straps are found on drums within the transmission. These drums will rotate when the band is not pressed against it to grip it. Stopping their rotating means components within the transmission interact in different ways, depending on what the driver is doing regarding gear selection.


This part allows air into a vehicle on a hot day. Do you know what it is?

Side windows are found in the doors of the vehicle. They can be lowered and raised again when necessary.


Name this car part, please.

All modern cars are equipped with two side mirrors, one on the left and one on the right of the car. This helps the driver observe behind them to the left and the right, which is crucial when changing lanes.


The car part in this picture is commonly referred to as a ________?

This is a covering for the wheel nuts that hold the wheel to car axle.


Another part of the transmission system that holds many gearing mechanisms. Can you name this part?

The planetary gear system within a transmission system is attached to the planet carrier, which is then connected to the output shaft.


This connects a number of engine components, including a cooling fan. What is it called?

This belt, made from rubber, connects a number of components of the engine, including the cooling fan, alternator and the crankshaft pulley.


Found only in manual transmission vehicles, this part is the _________?

Clutch pistons help to engage the clutch and activate the gearshift in a manual transmission vehicle.


Moving pistons are found here. Name this part, please.

Found above the cylinder, the cylinder head is the area the piston compresses into as it moves. It also houses intake and exhaust valves, springs and lifters and the combustion chamber.


Not always found in the bodywork of a vehicle, what part is this?

The rocker is a body panel found below the door. It is normally very small and not found on every model of vehicle.


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