Are You Smarter Than a Door Knob? Answer These Basic Questions to Find Out!

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About This Quiz

You might be smarter than a 5th grader, but are you smarter than a doorknob? A what? That's right. A doorknob! In case you haven't heard, it's the latest in academic measurement standards. Derived from a long line of genius hardware store owners in a remote part of Alaska, the Door Knob Intelligence test is becoming the internet's latest sensation! You might not remember your password to access the internet, but we're sure you'll be almost as smart as the Fort Knox doors!

Do not be fooled! Just because a doorknob intelligence quiz sounds goofy, it doesn't mean that it is! In fact, the questions you will find hidden behind our website door might be a bit tricker than you would imagine. We feel that we must warn you because we don't want you to end up feeling insulted by a doorknob. You'll have to up your game to prove that you more of a classy door knocker than a battery operated doorbell from Walmart. 

If you think you're ready to find out what's behind door number one, enter and begin! However, don't say we didn't warn you about how intelligent doorknobs can be! Just as the Alaskan bush handymen! 

Are you often intimidated by smart people?

Do you read "important" books for fun?

Do you have at least one thing you do really well?

Do you have more than one above average skill?

Do you feel like you're pretty average?

What is MRS GREN in science?

How smart is Homer Simpson?

What five characteristics does something have to enjoy before it counts as science?

What happens at CERN?

What does NASA stand for?

What is the difference between perpendicular and parallel?

Which words might be missing in this sentence: "The __ men were laughing __ hard __ hear"?

How does a plane stay in the air?

Do you play an instrument?

What is BODMAS?

Do you speak a second language?

If someone throws a ball, are you good at predicting where it will land?

How's your trigonometry?

How good are you at packing your suitcase?

Do you ever tell jokes while on line at customs?

What commonly known thing might this be the acronym for: MVEMJSUNP?

Why is grass green?

What do frogs say?

What do diamonds have in common with buckminsterfullerene?

If something has a PH of 7, which country is that like?

Last time you hung out with your bestie, what did you talk about?

You arrive at your friend's house. There is no cell reception, no doorbell, and no knocker. What do you do?

Do you read "unimportant books"for fun?

What are the characteristics of movement of a body in flight?

There's someone behind you!%0DSorry - our mistake, there isn't.%0DBe honest: did you look?

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