Are You the Goddess of Love or Lust?

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In mythology, the actual goddess of love is Aphrodite, and while there isn't one goddess of lust mentioned, there are many that could fall into that category. The goddesses all held extreme power, and some of them held that extreme power over men. What was it about them that drew men in and made them fall to their feet? No one really knows other than what is told in stories and studied in mythology. Since the root word of mythology is 'myth,' it is fair to say that these goddesses possess something other-worldly that had men falling in love or in lust. 

Do you find yourself drawing men in with seemingly no effort? If so, what are you drawing them in for? If most of them fall in love with you right off the bat, you've got your answer. If they fawn all over you, do anything for you, and just want to be al up in your business, then lust is your answer. But let's put a little more thought into that. Our carefully designed questions will be able to tell you for sure if you are more the goddess of love or lust. Are you ready to find out? Take the quiz now!

How long does it take you to fall in love?

What attracts you to someone physically?

Which non-physical trait attracts you to someone that you could see as a potential partner?

How long do you wait before having a first kiss with someone you've been dating?

Do you like getting deep in conversations about your hopes, dreams and feelings?

Let's say you're interested in someone on whatever level. Are you friends?

How long should 'the honeymoon phase' last?

Do you hide any parts of yourselves from someone you're dating?

Should your partner be perfect in your eyes?

Do you put a lot of effort into your appearance?

What non-physical activities do you love doing with your potential partner?

Are you a challenging person when it comes to conversations?

Is a spiritual connection more important than a physical connection?

How do you feel about yourself when you find out that someone is into you?

How do you handle the more difficult things in a relationship like economic troubles, loss of a loved one or a job?

Do you dress to impress?

In general, do you just say things that other people want to hear?

What's your biggest fear about falling in love?

When someone shows affection towards you, how do you react?

How do you, personally, know the difference between love and lust?

If you could be any mythological deity, which one would you be?

Would you change parts of yourself in order to fit with someone that you like?

Is all fair in love and war?

Who do you identify with when you watch a romantic comedy?

What if the person you like, or the person that likes you, don't have the same goals in life?

Do you find that you attract more people than others?

Do you think you have to be immediately physically attracted to someone in order to have some kind of relationship?

Are you the kind of person that gets attached to others, either romantically or in general?

What does your gut feeling say about falling in love versus falling in lust?

Which Greek god would you want to be into you in any kind of way?

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