Are You on the Road to Obesity?

Zoe Samuel

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Since the average newborn is around 7.7lbs, no one is born obese. Whether you wind up there is a combination of factors: gut biology, disease, medication, diet, and exercise. If you're worried that you're piling on the pounds, take this quiz to assess where your current road leads.

Do you know your BMI?

If you were to calculate it: what is your BMI?

How jiggly are you feeling?

Do you still fit into the jeans you bought 12 months ago?

How about 12 months before that?

Are you ever surprised by your appearance in photos from five years ago?

Are you proud of your progress?

When you fight the flab, does it win?

Do you lie about your size?

Do you actually know how many calories you eat, roughly?

Do you know how many calories you burn by walking for an hour?

How often do you break a sweat on purpose?

Do you have any exercise built into your day e.g. a walk to work, chasing small kids?

Do you sit at a desk for your job?

How do you get to work?

Is flying fraught for you because of your size?

Did your parents ever shame you for being too small or big?

Does your doctor side-eye you?

Are you the smallest person in your circle?

When people say, "There aren't any obese people in those Victorian crowd photos", what do you say?

How's your blood pressure?

What's your resting heart rate?

Could you jog for an hour - or the equivalent in swimming or cycling if your knees aren't up to jogging?

Do you follow fad diets?

Do you find yourself buying the diet option then eating four times more of it?

Were you raised to always clear your plate, no matter what?

You just ate an incredible plate of pasta. Do you get seconds?

Do you eat to celebrate?

When you've done a task, do you reward yourself with food?

Would you say that your relationship with food is just... well... off?

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